Minister demands Met probe after pro-Palestine mob terrifies Jewish children

NBC News: Reports of Israeli hostages

Security minister Robert Jenrick has demanded that the Metropolitan Police take action over “disgusting” celebrations by pro-Hamas mobs in London celebrating the brutal terrorist attacks on Israel.

The senior Home Office minister reacted when Countdown’s Rachel Riley, who has been subject to anti-semitic abuse from supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and others, posted a video clip on social media of the mob outside a Jewish cafe celebrating in the streets.

The pro-terrorist mob were dancing in front of Jewish children and their families celebrating the murder of scores of Israelis earlier today.

Hamas, a proscribed terror group, launched an attack on Israel early this morning going from door to door murdering Israeli Jews and dragging them out of their cars.

They could later be seen driving piles of bodies through Gaza celebrating their killing spree.

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Ms Riley posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Acton, half an hour ago. Popped into a cafe for some baklava with the kids and our Ukrainian friends.

“People have been brutally murdered, kidnapped and there are people in London dancing.

“Just had a reassuring call with the police, if anyone is scared, please call them.”

Ms Riley previously posted on the social media platform: “I just passed two cars in West London driving with Palestinian flags flying from each window, bouncing up and down in their cars, seemingly celebrating like they were having a party. Make no mistake, this is a dangerous and terrifying time for all Jews around the world.”

Shortly after, Mr Jenrick responded on X tagging in the Metropolitan Police force.

He said: “These disgusting people are glorifying the terrorist activities of Hamas, a proscribed organisation. There is no place for this in the UK.

“I trust @metpoliceuk will be taking this seriously.”

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At least 250 Israelis were murdered this morning in what the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as an act of war.

Iranian-backed terrorists from Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at Israel before attacking by land and sea.

It is understood that dozens more have been taken hostage by the terrorists.

Israel has retaliated in self-defence against the terrorist onslaught hitting targets in Gaza.

But back in the UK, there are concerns that Labour is providing a platform for anti-Israel activists in its conference in Liverpool. revealed that an event is set to take place on Tuesday morning while Labour MP Apsana Begum has posed with anti-Israel activists.

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