Step aside and let Truss get going! Sunak urged to QUIT leadership race to save economy

Rishi Sunak clashes with debate audience on trust

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General Lord Dannatt called on the underdog to quickly withdraw from the contest in order for there to be an “assault made on the nation’s financial challenges”. There has been mounting pressure on the Government to take immediate action to help with the cost of living crisis.

The peer sits as a cross-bencher in the House of Lords and has no affiliation to the Tory Party.

However, he said there was a “strong case” for Mr Sunak to set aside in order for “focused governance” to quickly resume.

Writing in The Times, he said: “In the face of the cost of living and energy crisis confronting most households, there is a strong case for Rishi Sunak to stand down now in favour of Liz Truss to get a new prime minister in place and focused governance restored.

“If Liz Truss were endorsed as prime minister in the next ten days it would enable a cabinet to be appointed, parliament recalled and assault made on the nation’s financial challenges.

“If this election drags on, no meaningful governance will start until mid-September.

“Rishi Sunak’s chance may come again in a few years.

“Better for him to avoid a trouncing this time.”

Yesterday, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned the country was facing an “economic time bomb” if it did not draw up a plan now for the difficult winter ahead.

He said it would be too late to wait until September.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also demanded an urgent meeting of the heads of Government of the four nations of the UK, and the Liberal Democrats are pushing for Parliament to be recalled to debate the economic situation.

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Lord Dannatt’s call for Mr Sunak to step down comes as repeated polls show Ms Truss is the favourite to win the Tory leadership contest.

The latest tracker poll, conducted by TechneUK, gives the Foreign Secretary a 20-point lead among Conservative voters over the former Chancellor.

It showed Ms Truss had a significant lead with 40 points to Mr Sunak’s 29.

However, the Richmond MP has insisted he will not drop out of the race to be the next Prime Minister.

In a Sky News debate last week he said: ” I’m fighting for something I really believe in and I’m taking my ideas across the country.

“I want to have that debate with people because I passionately believe what I’m saying is right.

“I want to convince as many people as possible of that.”

A new Conservative leader is not due to be announced until September 5, with the winner of the contest taking over from Boris Johnson the following day.

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