Rishi Sunak hails UK as economy outstrips Germany and France

Rishi Sunak has emerged as Brexit’s new biggest champion, boasting that we now know Britain’s economy has grown faster than any other major European country – not despite Brexit, but because of it.

Speaking to Tory conference in Manchester, a buoyant Rishi Sunak boasted the Brexit freedoms are already making the UK more competitive than our rivals, freeing up businesses to see the growth our country needs.

He also championed Britain’s independent trade policy, allowing the UK to become the first European country to join the £11bn CPTPP.

Mr Sunak thanked trade supremo Kemi Badenoch for her work cutting Brussels red tape and saving small businesses £1 billion a year, and opening new freeports.

The PM said Brexit “was more than a vote to leave the EU, it was a vote for change, a statement of belief Britain could forge a new story”.

“We must keep making the case for taking back control, because if we don’t our opponents will neuter this change!”

He slammed Keir Starmer and his flip-flopping on Brexit, saying we know where the Labour leader’s “heart lies”.

He told his party’s members: “While we’re thinking about the future of the UK, Keir Starmer’s just busy banging on about Europe!”

“You just cannot know what you’re going to get with him. The worst thing about Sir Keir is he just says what he thinks is going to benefit him the most. He is the walking definition of the 30 year political status quo I am here to end.”

Mr Sunak repositioned himself as the real candidate of change ahead of the next general election.

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