John Major launches scathing attack on Boris saying he is his own ‘worst enemy’

In a withering attack on the former Tory leader, who stood down as Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP on Friday night, his predecessor said Mr Johnson’s time in office amounted to an attack on “one of the bedrocks of democracy”.

In his letter of resignation, Mr Johnson said the Commons investigation into whether he misled Parliament over lockdown parties was an attempt to “drive me out”.

During an appearance at the Kite Festival in Oxfordshire, Sir John, 80, said: “When Boris attacked the committee that, he tells us, was about to report that he misled – that is lied – to the House of Commons on a number of occasions about the lockdown parties.

“When he accuses them…not only does he insult a parliamentary committee, but suggest they are his worst enemy, which
is not true.

“My perception is that the worst enemy for Boris Johnson is in fact Boris Johnson.”

Sir John, who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997, said Mr Johnson, 58, was damaging democracy with his actions.

He said: “To attack the institution of Parliament is to attack one of the bedrocks of democracy.

“Another thing, the Government, just like the average citizen, is absolutely compelled to obey the law.”

Sir John added: “You can swiftly undermine the conventions that hold Parliament together, but it is not just that, there are conventions of behaviour.

“And what has happened during Boris Johnson’s government is that they have ransacked this, ignored them and that is immensely damaging.”

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