Furious pensioner attacks Boris’ £54m support for Ukraine during UK’s energy crisis

LBC caller says he will 'go hungry' this winter as energy bills go up

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The 70-year-old pensioner Peter from Faversham raged at Boris Johnson and his announcement of an extra £54million for a military aid package to Ukraine in the middle of an energy crisis and soaring energy bills. Speaking with LBC host Tom Swarbrick, he slammed Mr Johnson’s argument that the current cost of living crisis is the price the UK and Europe have to endure “for the evils of Vladimir Putin” and revealed that due to soaring bills he will have to “go hungry” in order to afford to pay for his heating. Referring to this winter and forecasts for an increased energy price cap, he concluded the call revealing he is “scared” for the months to come and stressed “I’m pleased that Mr Johnson is going”.

Caller Peter told LBC host Tom Swarbrick: “It’s [not] very nice from Mr Johnson to say that we have to endure all the price increases when Mr Johnson earns £150,000 a year.

“It’s peanuts to him, I earn £730 a month state pension.

“I will have to go hungry because I have got to turn the heating on.”

He continued: “I’m 70 years old, I’ve got high blood sugar, high cholesterol.

“I live on my own, and for him to say we’ve got to endure when he earns £150,000.

“Just thinking about that, it’s easy for him to say because it’s nothing to him.

“It’s peanuts to him, thousands of people like me in this country we’ve got to go hungry.”

Referring to Mr Johnson’s announcement of a further aid package to Ukraine, Mr Swarbrick asked: “Do you think that unless more support is offered to people to get through this winter, you might come down at the side of the argument that says if we can ease my pain by lifting some sanctions on Russia, then maybe we should do that?”

He responded: “I just think Mr Johnson is just doing it for him and it’s scary.

“I’m scared, I really am, I earn £730, that’s my state pension, but I’m pleased that Mr Johnson is going”.

The comments came as the outgoing prime minister during his visit to Kyiv on Ukraine’s Independence Day granted a further £54m package of military support to Ukraine.

The package will also include unmanned surveillance and missile systems for the armed forces.

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Following the aid announcement, Mr Johnson stressed Russia is to blame for the energy crisis in the UK and Europe and said households across the country have to endure the current crisis to counter Russia in its aggression of Ukraine.

Speaking from Kyiv, he said: “We know the coming winter will be tough and Putin will manipulate Russian energy supplies to try to torment households across Europe.

“Our first test as friends of Ukraine will be to face down and endure that pressure”.

Referring to people in Ukraine and across Europe, he also added: “If we’re paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin, the people of Ukraine are paying in their blood”.

Mr Johnson’s remarks came together with experts warning the UK could see a £1,600 increase in the domestic energy price cap to more than £3500 this autumn.

Exact figures are expected to be released on Friday, when energy regulator Ofgem is set to announce the price cap for this autumn.

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