‘F*** Balfour’ Anti-Israel protester hurls blood-red paint at Foreign Office

James Cleverly explains why Israel wants to eradicate Hamas

The Foreign Office was attacked with blood-red paint this morning, in a graffiti attack that accused Britain of being “guilty”.

The wall of the grand Whitehall building was covered in red paint, with the Express arriving to see workmen attempting to clean it off.

One section of wall had been sprayed with: “Britain is guilty” and “F*** Balfor”.

The attack happened on Balfour Day, the 106-year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration that saw Britain voice its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

The day is also one of mourning for the region’s Arabs.

A section of the Foreign Office’s wall, sprayed with red paint, was captioned: “Blood”.

The HQ of a British aerospace firm in St James’s was also hit with pro-Palestinian graffiti this morning, with activists claiming it to be a company that has supplied Israel with fighter jets.

The building at One Eagle Place was covered in red paint, and daubed with messages such as “baby killers” and “Terrorists free Gaza”.

Police officers arrested one person on suspicion of criminal damage, and were still “seeking to arrest” one other at 10 am who was still standing on the building’s canopy shouting “stop the arms trade, end the struggle, free, free Palestine”.

The Foreign Office was approached for comment.


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