Dowden gets UK ‘ready’ against Russia’s grip on the global gas market

Vladimir Putin’s ability to hold the world to “ransom” over energy supplies is included in a risk register of the 89 key threats to Britain’s security.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has declassified some information so the country can be “ready for anything”.

New concerns raised in the document include Russia’s grip on the global gas market.

Mr Dowden, who is running the country while Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is in California on holiday, said: “This is the most comprehensive risk assessment we’ve ever published, so that government and our partners can put robust plans in place and be ready for anything.

“One of those rising risks is energy security. We’ve installed the first turbine at the future world’s largest offshore windfarm, which will provide secure, low-cost and clean energy for the British people – enabling us to stand up to Putin’s energy ransom.”

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The government insists the updated national risk register is more transparent than ever before and publicly shares previously classified information about a number of potential risks.

It includes the malicious uses of drones to disrupt airports and threats to undersea transatlantic telecommunications cables used for internet and communications.

The report also outlines ongoing threats from terrorism, cyber attacks, national tragedies such as rail accidents, environmental hazards and pandemics.

Mr Dowden published the new register ahead of a visit to Hartlepool, where a new wind farm at Dogger Bank is being launched to provide greater energy security.

Visiting Able Seaton Port, he will see a specialised floating platform, taller than the Eiffel Tower, which has been created to install the wind turbines onto the seabed, Some 277 turbines capable of powering up to six million homes will be installed by the time the project is finished.

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Mr Dowden said the government has robust plans in place for each of the different risks but also urged businesses, local government and voluntary groups to use the guide to prepare for any potential problems.

Matt Collins, Deputy National Security Advisor, said: “A comprehensive understanding of the risks we face is critical to keeping the UK safe.

“This edition of the NRR, based on the Government’s internal, classified risk assessment offers even more detail on the potential scenarios, response and recovery options relating to the risks facing the UK; ranging from terrorism to conflicts and natural disasters.”

Rick Cudworth, chairman of Resilience First, which represents more than 600 major businesses, said: “Providing invaluable information, this document gives us the power to invest, prepare, and respond more effectively.

“With more detail than previously, and specific scenarios, assumptions and response capabilities set out, we encourage organisations and resilience professionals to use it to stress test and strengthen their own resilience as we all move forwards together.”

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