Anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray kicked out after gatecrashing Tory event

Steve Bray gatecrashes fringe event at Tory conference

Anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray has been forcibly ejected after gatecrashing a fringe event at the Tory conference.

The Remain activist stood up and began shouting at the meeting organised by the Bruges Group think tank.

Mr Bray, who was wearing a blue T-shirt which read “stop the Tories”, interrupted a speaker to question if Britain has benefited from Brexit.

He shouted: “Where’s your Brexit benefits?”

Mr Bray continued to rant about Brexit as he was removed from the event at the Friends’ Meeting House, outside the secure zone in the centre of Manchester.

Mr Bray said: “Brexit benefits, my a***. What a load of bull****, never heard so much c*** in all my life.

“Brexit is a disaster, we’re all worse off.”

As he was escorted out the door, Mr Bray shouted: “Losers.”

A member of the audience replied: “You’re the loser mate.”

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The event organised by the pro-Brexit group was a discussion on whether the Tories can win the next general election.

Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson, who regularly clashes with Mr Bray, had been due to speak but pulled out at short notice.

Mr Bray, who is known for his noisy anti-Brexit demonstrations in Westminster, has travelled to Manchester to protest at the Conservative Party conference.

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