What Are the Best Platforms for Automated Trading?

Automation is the king of the contemporary crypto market that operates around the clock and does not tolerate hesitation and doubt. Just a decade ago, the vast majority of market operations were conducted by human traders with robots being used only occasionally. Today, you cannot use strategies designed for intraday trading and scalping without employing a powerful automated trading platform that performs reliably.

Due to skyrocketing demand, the market became overwhelmed with supply. Since 2015, the whole industry has seen a massive surge in popularity with dozens of new blockchain projects and traditional web services offering various automated trading software for cryptocurrency exchanges. A contemporary retail trader has so many choices that finding the finest vendor is often an impossible task.

Many companies deserve your attention and provide a valuable product that can be used to great results by people who are willing to spend time and effort learning technical analysis. Some companies also offer trust management options like social and copy trading.

What is the best platform for trading crypto?

The industry offers a solid choice of options with many automation vendors being very close to each other in many aspects. Some providers excel in multiple categories making them interesting to all investors. However, the vast majority of companies that compete for the title of “the best platform for crypto trading” share a particular set of advantages:

  • Robust infrastructure. Web services understand that interoperability and versatility should always be accompanied by solid safety measures. Contemporary automation providers can be integrated with a plethora of different services like analytical charting tools (TradingView) and APIs of different exchanges. At the same time, these websites use SSL certificates, antimalware protection, and other security measures to protect their users from any harm.
  • A diverse lineup of products. Any modern automation platform must offer a wide range of products. Retail traders working with crypto often want to utilize different strategies: DCA buying to accumulate specific tokens, GRID bots to capitalize on price volatility, Arbitrage to earn money across multiple platforms and pairs, etc. If a provider does not have these instruments in its arsenal, it will most certainly lose business with thousands of contemporary investors.
  • Flexible pricing. Companies like WunderTrading offer free plans to their new customer. It is a marketing move that allows people to get a taste of their excellent products. However, many small-time retail traders can utilize free tools and earn money without paying a dime. At the same time, institutionalized investors looking into ways to diversify their investment efforts will be more than happy to pay extra to access the full range of features offered in the Premium plan.

When evaluating automated trading platforms for Bitcoin, you should pay attention to these aspects of service and ensure that you are working with a company that delivers on all fronts. While some companies specialize in certain areas, they usually try to diversify and offer solutions to a wide audience of investors.

Our list of the best automated trading platforms

If you are struggling to identify companies that are trustworthy and versatile, inspect our list of automation vendors that should grab your attention. We selected several companies that offer state-of-the-art technology, powerful tools, and affordable pricing to their customers.

WunderTrading — versatile and cheap

Among many automation providers in the crypto industry, WunderTrading stands out thanks to its exceptionally diverse lineup of financial products including all types of popular bot templates. You will find DCA, GRID, Arbitrage, and custom bots. All solutions can be back-tested on the TradingView platform without additional charges. It is one of the most flexible solutions in the industry.

One of the biggest draws of this brand is that it has a democratic approach to pricing. You can start with the basic plan and work for free using up to 5 bots on any exchange that you like. It is a great way to test the service and it is much cheaper and more transparent than subscribing to 7-day trials or demanding back your money with a 30-day guarantee promotion. The latter two options are often employed by many web services. We all know how inconvenient these “free” trials can be.

Another important advantage of WunderTrading is that it focuses on script writing and customization allowing its clients to build advanced trading strategies with multiple layers and even automatic hedging!

3Commas — get social

This is one of the best automated trading platforms for people who want to get into copy trading. While WunderTrading offers social trading products too, 3Commas specializes in this segment of the market and has many ways to follow experienced traders including simply copying their orders or receiving trade signals from chosen experts.

The service also has a free plan with a very limited number of bots (1 of each type). However, it is integrated with 18 different crypto exchanges and offers an outstanding selection of preset bots. It is a good choice for people who want to use elements of social trading in their investment efforts, but do not want to scale their trading operations beyond a certain limit.

You can use this crypto trading platform without verification if you are looking for one. The vast majority of companies that operate in the US and EU have to follow strict regulations and cannot provide any brokerage services to unverified users, but automation vendors are different beasts and do not have to comply with regulations aimed at participants of the financial market.

The main takeaway

These companies deserve your attention because they provide a valuable service to thousands of retail traders from across the globe. WunderTrading is an established provider of crypto automated trading software that offers a diverse lineup of services that will impress even veterans. 3Commas is a good destination for investors who would like to focus strictly on social trading strategies.

It is impossible to name a single best automation provider in this vast industry that has so many different options. However, our picks stand out thanks to stability, flexibility, and affordability. These are all excellent platforms for investors looking into ways to diversify their portfolios with investment options from the crypto industry.




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