Guide To Recognize Scam Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos offer several advantages over traditional online casinos, which has made their demand skyrocket. However, while there are many reputable bitcoin casinos, we’re also noticing a rise in the number of scam crypto casinos. 

We often advise punters, particularly high roller bettors, to do their due diligence before depositing in a bitcoin casino. 

Are you looking for a legit crypto casino in South Africa to bet without losing your bitcoin? Let’s dive in! This is your handy guide to finding a reputable casino that accepts bitcoin and five ways to identify a scam bitcoin casino online. 

1. Check the Bitcoin Casino License 

Licenses are proof that a bitcoin casino satisfies the requirement for fair gaming. So, check the foot of the homepage to see if the bitcoin casino online has a gambling license from trusted bodies like UKGC, MGA, etc., or not. 

The presence of a license means you might be on to a reputable casino. However, there are genuine reasons a casino may not have a gambling license. Thus, the absence of a gaming license doesn’t always mean a crypto casino is a scam. 

But even if the bitcoin casino has no gambling license, it should still have a gambling seal or a game audit certification from a respectable third party. 

It is safe to avoid a bitcoin casino South Africa that doesn’t have at least one proof of fair gaming. 

2. Tour the Website 

You can often tell a bitcoin casino’s legitimacy by looking at its website. 

Did the operators go the extra length to make its platform welcoming and user-friendly, or is the website unresponsive and difficult to use? Ensure you also examine the quality of the website content, such as website text, graphics, and games. These are all bare minimums every serious casino that accepts bitcoin must get right. 

A drab-looking casino with poorly written shows little attention to detail, meaning you can trust such crypto casinos with your fund and information. In the worst case, such bitcoin casinos are scams looking for a quick way to get money off unsuspecting players. 

3. Check the Website’s  Reputation 

Reputable bitcoin casinos must have founders or organizations with excellent industry reputations and strong alliances with other prominent brands. 

Players can determine the reputation of a bitcoin casino South Africa by checking its founder’s background, partnership, and online credibility. 

However, a bitcoin casino with anonymous founders, no partnership, and a weak online presence likely has something to hide. Endeavor not to play on such a platform because there is no one to hold responsible if the platform folds up. 

4. Read the Casino Review

Casino reviews are an excellent way to judge whether a bitcoin casino is legit or a scam. Therefore, players must always read reviews before depositing in casinos that accept bitcoin. 

Online casino reviews come in two forms. The first one is the pundit or expert review, which contains information about the products and services a bitcoin casino offers. While the pundit review helps catch up on essential casino offers, you must also do your research since many bitcoin casinos now pay their way to get positive reviews. 

The second type of casino review is the player review which is more trustworthy since they are written by players with first-hand experience about how the platform works.

You can find online casino player reviews on Trustpilot, Quora, Reddit, Facebook, and gambling portals. Ensure you focus on casino reviews about the bitcoin casino’s transparency, legitimacy, withdrawal processing time, etc. 

The lack of online casino reviews is questionable, and you should not trust such operators with your money. Such an operator is a red flag if most casino reviews are negative. However, a positive casino review indicates that you might be on to a legit bitcoin casino.

5. Check the Nature of the Casino Offer 

Scam bitcoin casinos usually have the most tempting offers. They treat players to shiny and unrealistic promotions to cover their shortcomings. 

If a bitcoin casino promises a massive match-up bonus on a low deposit or enhanced odds for low-risk bets, that may be a warning sign to be wary of the casino. 

Sometimes, a bitcoin casino may also lure players with mouthwatering bonuses, making it extremely difficult to turn to cash.  

Therefore, whenever you see a casino offer that’s too good to be true, always read the conditions correctly and ascertain that you’re not being scammed before claiming the offer. 


Fraudulent bitcoin casino operators are getting smarter by the day, so it is not always easy to determine if a project is a scam or real. Try to play with small funds if a casino’s activity seems suspicious before staking huge funds. In addition, it would be best to stick with big brands that have been around for several years since they have a solid reputation. 

We don’t mean that you should avoid new crypto casinos. They tend to have modern gambling features that appeal to young players who put their bitcoin to work by using it to gamble or depositing in crypto savings apps to earn interest instead of leaving it idle in their wallets. 

Nonetheless, if you must play on any bitcoin casino, ensure that a reputable founder or organization backs it, has positive reviews, good payout history, and proof of fair and responsible gaming. 

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