Crypto Platform Flourish Receives Major Financial Award

Winning awards and getting recognition is always nice, and for crypto companies – who rarely receive either one – the situation is even stronger given how miniscule the praise they get can sometimes be. That’s where has come into play, and it recently offered a big award to Flourish, a platform that seeks to provide innovative access to digital currencies and related products.

Flourish Has Won a Huge Award

The award that Flourish received was for “Best Cryptocurrency Provider,” and it was all part of an annual event that engages. It delves out what are known as “The Wealthies,” which are awards for financial and monetary enterprises that engage in hardcore innovation and really bring something new to the world of dollars, coins, and related assets.

While Flourish itself is the parent company, the award was in fact given to a subsidiary of the company known as Flourish Crypto. The division of the company helps to establish crypto offerings and related blockchain solutions for registered investment advisers (or RIAs) and their clients.

Thus, both parties have the education they need to understand what this new space can offer and what risks are associated. The RIAs can then explain things correctly to everyone they work with, while the customers in question can make educated financial and investing decisions.

Ben Cruikshank – president of Flourish – was very excited to be receiving the award and for the praise and recognition his company was receiving. In an interview, he stated:

We are honored by this validation of Flourish Crypto. As tens of millions of Americans began investing in crypto, financial advisors were left on the sidelines. Bringing a new product to market takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication. We’re thrilled to be able to fill such an important gap in the market, helping advisors better meet the needs of their clients.

There are approximately 440 RIAs working through Flourish. Together, they manage well over $1 trillion in assets. All RIAs operating through the platform have the chance to feature the Flourish name on their balance statements, the materials they hand out to clients, and their 1099 sheets. These RIAs also can provide customers with abstract compliance resources that help them realize the present taxation and trading rules that apply to the digital currency space.

Recognizing Companies and People

The Wealthies do not exist simply to respect and bring honor to specific companies. Individuals are also recognized at the awards. Specific people up for recognition are typically top-notch financial advisers that bring heavy knowledge to the table and move hell and high water for their clients.

This year, the event attracted more than 1,000 entries from more than 350 companies across the globe. Many representatives of The Wealthies say this year featured the highest level of competition yet.

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