Black Enterprise Unveils First Ever Crypto Summit

Black Enterprise – a program that focuses on wealth building in the black community – is putting together its first Future of Financial Services summit which will focus on fintech, cryptocurrency, and wealth.

Black Enterprise Introduces Crypto to Attendees

The idea is to give more African Americans the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency and add blockchain projects to their portfolios. Up until this point, it is widely believed that the standard financial market has been somewhat closed off to minorities, and the idea is that cryptocurrency can potentially unveil some wealth building chances they otherwise would never have had access to.

Organizers of the program say that African Americans have never been so focused on building their portfolios as they are now. They also say there have never been so many opportunities to do so. The program is going to offer all kinds of educational seminars to help attendees better understand the growing worlds of digital currencies and decentralized finance (defi).

Black Enterprise CEO Earl “Butch” Graves. Jr. explained in an interview:

We know that black people are excited about the potential of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain to open new avenues of black wealth creation. According to the most recent Ariel Schwab black investor survey, of six financial products – bank savings accounts, individual stocks, stock mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, individual bonds, [and] bond mutual funds – cryptocurrency is the only one owned by a higher proportion of black people than white people. About 38 percent of black investors under 40 own digital tokens compared with 29 percent of their white counterparts. Overall, twice as many black respondents than those who are white ranked crypto as the best investment choice overall.

Several speakers have already been confirmed for the event including Larry Wade Sr, the director of blockchain, crypto, & digital currencies at RLCOBP; Imari Oliver, the CEO of Bond & Play; Michael Grove, a CFA and financial planner with the Greater Metro Financial Group; Deidra Ramsey-McIntyre, the founder of Black People & Cryptocurrency; and Derek Jones, the CEO of United Coin Inc.

Among the subjects and courses set to be discussed or taught at the event will be “Cryptocurrency: A New Asset Class for Black Investors,” “Understanding and Exploring the Utility of Blockchain,” “Career Opportunities in Fintech,” and “Financial Advisors and Crypto: Helping You Shape Your Investing Strategies.”

Pushing for Financial Equality

Black Enterprise was formed a few years ago to meet the growing demand for diversity, equity, inclusion, and economic justice in the monetary arena. The entire program is sponsored by Prudential, one of the country’s leading insurance companies, and will feature candid and engaging conversations with leading experts on crypto, blockchain, investing, and fintech.

The event will only last one day but will provide attendees with the resources they need to take advantage of opportunities currently being presented in the financial services industry.

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