3D NFT marketplace bridges three-dimensional functionality across metaverses

MetaMundo looks to bring three-dimensional art and assets to some major metaverse environments with the launch of its marketplace and nonfungible token (NFT) architecture.

Users from popular metaverses like Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox and Spatial will be able to collect and own NFT assets like galleries, luxury villas, music venues, parks, avatars, vehicles and other creations directly from 3D artists, architects and designers.

MetaMundo has built an NFT architecture on the Ethereum blockchain, which is specifically designed to power 3D files and Metaverse interoperability. The use of a flexible metadata structure allows multiple 3D files to be incorporated into a single NFT.

NFTs sold on MetaMundo will come with a bundle of 3D files compatible with Metaverse platforms while new 3D files can also be added to a specific NFT. MetaMundo is able to convert and optimize 3D files to create multiple metaverse optimized assets.

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Users will be able to preview and interact with the 3D files bundled within each NFT through the MetaMundo marketplace before making a purchase. MetaMundo co-founder Finn Hansen noted that the platform looks to pioneer NFT functionality across different blockchain projects:

“We’re solving the lack of NFT interoperability through a unique architecture we’ve developed, which features a versatile and extensible NFT metadata structure, supporting multiple 3D file versions and offering the flexibility to add additional file versions later to enable future-proofing as 3D technology evolves.”

The company has onboarded a number of 3D creators that have extensive work both in the Metaverse space and real-life art. Netherlands-based NFT artist Dutchtide, American modernist architect Luis Fernandez and Metaverse architect Mila Lolli headline the creators partnered with the marketplace.

MetaMundo’s initial 3D NFT releases will feature Dutchtide’s Brutalist-architecture-inspired Japanese Zen Art Gallery and an ocean-side luxury villa created by Fernandez.

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