Woman 'comes back from dead' at mortuary and 'dies again' a day later

Woman, 90, ‘comes back from the dead’ at Spanish mortuary when worker sees her breathing – only to ‘die again’ in hospital a day later

  • An elderly woman died twice in two days after being declared dead by doctors
  • A mortician in Zaragoza, northern Spain, found her breathing
  • Her daughter was able to say farewell after she was taken back to hospital 

An elderly woman ‘died’ twice in two days after doctors at a Spanish hospital wrongly certified her death and sent her to a local mortuary, only for her to be rushed back to a bed when a worker found her breathing. 

Doctors at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Zaragoza, northern Spain, certified the death of the unnamed woman, 90, and sent to the city’s mortuary after she went into cardiac arrest. 

The woman’s daughter was told, upon arriving at the hospital, that she would not be able to see her mother’s body as it had already been sent to the mortuary at the city’s Torrero cemetery. 

But a mortician suspected that the elderly woman was still alive after seeing her breathing, and managed to find a pulse. 

San Juan de Dios Hospital told local media that she was immediately taken back to hospital at around 4am, and the woman’s daughter was notified that her mother had in fact not died. 

Doctors at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Zaragoza, northern Spain , certified the death of the unnamed woman

She went to see her mother, who was comatose in a hospital bed by then, before she definitively passed away at 6:30pm. 

Despite the bizarreness of the incident, the hospital claimed that this was ‘relatively common in critically ill patients’.

It said that in some cases the body can have a reaction that makes the heart work again for a certain time.

Zaragoza cops are currently looking into whether there was malpractice from the hospital’s staff, and whether their decision to transfer her to the mortuary may have influenced the actual death of the elderly woman.

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