Woman battered at gunpoint as three masked thieves steal her beloved puppy

A terrified woman claims she was held-up at gunpoint by a band of armed robbers who stole her beloved puppy.

Pet-lover Sarah Vorhaus, from San Francisco, was attacked by the gang who snatched her five-month-old French bulldog, Chloe.

She has since offered a massive reward of $2,000 – £1,472 – for his safe return.

The 30-year-old said the thugs screamed “give me your dog” as they crept up on her from behind.

As she turned, she said she was battered in the face several times by a bandit waving a gun.

He then grabbed the puppy as they bundled into a getaway car and sped off.

Sarah has been left with a busted lip and bruises, and a black eye.

She told ABC7 she screamed for help as she was attacked and a passerby rang her an ambulance.

Ms Vorhaus is now desperate to get Chloe back safe and well.

She said: “No questions asked, we will pay truly anything, no questions asked, I don't even care what happens to this guy. I just want to get Chloe back.”

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Police have confirmed that they are investigating the alleged robbery.

Sarah said the armed assailant was in his 20s or 30s, and was wearing a mask.

The gang were wearing masks, she added, and sped away in a car leaving her bloody and battered in the street.

French Bulldogs are very popular pets and are often cited as a number one target for would-be thieves.

Ms Vorhaus has had Chloe since October, but not yet gotten her microchipped.

The adorable pup has blue-grey eyes and a small white spot on her chest, weighing only 13 pounds.

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