Woman, 73, breaks American flagpole fighting off home intruder – and gets Old Glory replaced by cops – The Sun

A 73-YEAR-old woman was forced to defend herself with her own flagpole during a terrifying home invasion, police say.

Lejune Timmerman, 73, fought back when "transient" Justin Smith, 42, allegedly jumped the fence into her yard and attacked her brothers on Monday.

When the man allegedly started beating her brothers and choking her, Lejune had to reach for nearest weapon – which happened to be Old Glory.

"I took my flag and I whopped his ass and I'll whoop it again" she said, speaking from her home in South Salt Lake, Utah.

"He beat me up, he beat my brothers up, for no reason!" the frustrated patriot exclaimed.

She said the man was "beating on me" and "choked me" before she fought back.

After "all hell broke loose", Smith was rebuffed back into the house but not before injuring Lejune and her brothers.

He broke through the door and scurried to a bedroom where he was later arrested.

Smith was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, and criminal mischief.

Lejune and her brother Paul say crime has gone up in the neighborhood since a homeless shelter opened up right across the street.

The family plans to leave the area in the coming months. "I'm out of here… it's too much for me" Lejune said.

Tuesday, the arresting officers returned with a new flag to replace the damaged one.

Lejune said she "didn't mean to disrespect my flag" and she is happy with the new one.

"There's my flag" she beamed, gesturing towards her Glory, back where it's supposed to be.

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