What happened in Manchester is every parent's nightmare but don't let fear ruin kids' lives

IT takes a lot for a seasoned newsreader such as Susanna Reid to break down in tears on live television.

But yesterday, when desperate mother Charlotte Campbell called GMB for help in locating her 15-year-old daughter Olivia amid the carnage of the atrocity at Manchester Arena, she responded as any fellow parent would.

It’s unconscionable, our worst nightmare. And it could have happened to any of us.

One minute hordes of young children are screaming with excitement at the sight of their pop idol performing in front of them.

The next, screaming in terror, vaulting metal railings as they ran for their lives.


Today we launch a Together With Manchester appeal – to raise money for families of the victims of the Arena bomb.

News UK, publisher of The Sun, has made a corporate donation of £100,000 to the appeal.

Here’s how you can show your support….

ONLINE: www.justgiving.com/TogetherWithManchester

TEXT: Text TWMC50 and amount to 70070 – eg TWMC50 £5
(you can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10)

And somewhere, missing among the throng, is your precious child, the one you have carefully shielded from harm since birth.

The one whose grazed knees you bathed, the one whose nose you wiped, the one whose tears you dried when they fell off their bike, the one you would die to protect.

And then comes that time we dread, when they start to crave a little independence away from us. “Chill out, Dad, I’m just going to the park with my friends.”

“Stop fretting, Mum, it’s just a pop concert. What could possibly go wrong?”

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