Wedding guests are rushed to hospital after being attacked by a bat

Six wedding guests are rushed to hospital after being attacked by a gate-crashing bat: ‘This thing went nuts’

  • A bat crashed a pre-wedding party on the Central Coast
  • It knocked over drinks and scratched six wedding guests 
  • All six guests were taken to hospital and received vaccines

A rogue bat has wreaked havoc at a wedding party leaving six guests in hospital after they were scratched and clawed.

The bat crashed the Lee family’s pre-wedding drinks at Hardy’s Bistro on the NSW Central Coast on Thursday night with the some of the incident captured on video.

Footage of the bizarre encounter shows the creature swooping in and knocking over drinks and belongings before climbing onto a handbag.

Father of the groom, Alister Lee, said the bat randomly appeared from trees across the road from the bistro.

‘This thing went nuts,’ he told 9News.

A bat has caused mayhem at Hardy’s Bistro on the NSW Central Coast, scratching several wedding guests 

The bat clung onto bags and belongings before it landed on several guests, digging its claws into them.

Brother of the groom, Rob Lee, said other guests tried desperately to help friends and family members it landed on.

‘We were actually spending most of our time trying to get it off people who it had attached itself to,’ he said.

The bat’s mayhem came to an end when it clung onto a tree branch held by one revellers who led it away.

The inquisitive animal had interrupted pre-wedding drinks multiple times before attacking.

The inquisitive animal knocked over drinks and clung onto bags before attaching itself to guests

Wildlife Ecologist Tim Pearson said the bat’s behaviour was ‘incredibly unusual’.

Six guests including a bridesmaid were scratched by the bat and had to be taken to Gosford Hospital.

They all received multiple vaccine injections. 

One vaccine for Lyssavirus had to be urgently rushed from Sydney Hospital to Gosford for the patients. 

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