Warning issued as deadly jellyfish-like creature spotted washed up on UK beaches

Beachgoers are being warned against deadly jellyfish-like creatures which have been washed up on British beaches.

The Portuguese man o' war has been spotted washed up on beaches in Devon and the South West.

The jellyfish-like animals tends to be blown into UK seas by windy conditions from the west and are often found on the west coast.

David Bailey, a Coastguard volunteer, spotted the deadly animals while walking on Slapton Sands in Devon on Sunday.

He said the creatures are not commonly seen on the British coastlines during this time of year.

The Portuguese man o' war is not a jellyfish but in fact a marine hydrozoan that's partially filled with carbon monoxide.

David said that their vicious sting can be "very, very painful" and sometimes "fatal" to dogs if ingested.

The Dartmouth Coastguard Rescue Team issued a warning after the marine creatures were spotted at two different beaches in Brighton over the weekend.

The warning advised beachgoers to keep their dogs on leads as the sting can be "toxic" and deadly.

The Coastguard team said: "These give a very nasty sting that lingers. It can sting even when dead on the beach."

The harmful animal inhabits warmer climates in the Atlantic Ocean. Pain from their sting can last for up to six hours, and on rare occasions can be deadly to humans.

David added: "It's a very stunning creature and… in warmer climates, the tentacles can grow up to about 50cm in length."

David also warned that they could often be found camouflaged in seaweed and urged beachgoers to remain extra vigilant.

He said members of the public should look where they're sitting on the beach.

The Portuguese man o'war typically wash up on British shores during the autumn months.

Over the last few years, they have been increasing in numbers due to warming sea temperatures caused by climate change.

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