UK weather forecast – Thunderstorms and heavy rain to batter Britain today before wet weekend

BRITAIN is set to be battered by thunderstorms and heavy rain today ahead of a wet weekend.

A band of rain is sweeping across much of the UK today as the forecast is not set to improve for the rest of the week.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond told The Sun Online the weather for the next few days will be a "mixed bag" and quite "changeable" with a "mixture of showers and sunny spells".

She said: "Today will be cloudier with some drizzle in the central and southern parts of the UK.

"It will be breezy in northern areas. This evening showers will continue across the far North.

"There is risk of thunder in the northern parts of the UK."

She added that the "mixed bag" of weather will continue into the weekend.

Ms Diamond said: "In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northerner England there will be a mix of bright spells and heavy showers.

"There is risk of some thunder across the northern areas. 

"Temperatures will be slightly below normal at 15C to 19C – with the warmer temperatures further South."

The North West will see some sunny spells today, but it won't feel very warm as winds will blow across the rest of the North.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said that showers will "rattle across the country" today bringing gusts of wind as it pushes south.

She said sunny spells will follow but there will still be outbreaks of rain.

BBC forecaster Helen Willetts said "mist and low cloud" will bring a "grey, damp and misty" outlook for most of England and Wales.

She said: "We've got the brighter skies into the northwest behind our weather front – but look at the squeeze in the isobars, a windy day ahead… something that's continuing I think into the weekend."

Throughout the night and into tomorrow morning wind and showers will continue sweep across the far North in Scotland.

The South of the UK will see patches of fog and mist.

This weekend another band of rain from the North West will sweep down the country.

However, the forecast does improve with sunny spells in scattered parts of the UK for this weekend.

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