UK weather forecast: FREEZING air from Greenland to grip Britain – new charts turn PURPLE

As we head into the weekend Britons can expect the weather to turn more autumnal, in stark contrast to the scorching sunshine seen for most last weekend. Temperatures are set to plunge considerably, as an area of low pressure and cool jet stream moves in from Greenland.

The end of this week will see the mercury plummet to the low teens and even single figures as an area of low pressure moves in from the continent.

This will have the effect of causing a north-westerly wind flow, driving down temperatures.

BBC Weather forecasters attribute the change in conditions to remnants of Hurricane Teddy, which hit Canada earlier this week.

The forecasters state: “We can partly attribute this dramatic change in the UK’s weather conditions to the remote impacts of Hurricane Teddy on the north Atlantic jet stream.

“As Hurricane Teddy moves northwards towards Atlantic Canada, it will cause the jet stream to intensify and also dive south-eastwards over the north Atlantic towards France and Spain.

“This will help low pressure areas to track overhead the UK and eventually pull in colder air from Greenland.”

The weather front will spur rainy spells through Thursday, and could cause thunderstorms in the south of England.

Forecasters warned temperatures would be markedly lower in the south compared with the recent warm spell where temperatures soared to 31C.According to Netweather charts – overnight temperatures could also fall below freezing in the early hours of Saturday morning.

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Weather charts from WXCharts also map the change in conditions.

The jet stream can be seen approaching the UK on Thursday morning, shown by a large dark blue and purple mass.

By the afternoon, the whole of the UK is engulfed by the weather front, driving temperatures down to single figures.

Weather maps from Netweather also show the jet stream sweeping across the UK on Saturday morning.

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The chart shows strong winds moving in from the northeast, before spreading across the whole of Britain.

The Met Office warned parts of the UK will be hit by strong winds and heavy showers tonight.

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said prolonged heavy rainfall, gusty winds of up to 50mph and thunderstorms are likely from 4pm.

By Friday he said the east of England will see the worst of the weather, with gusty winds and showers forecast.

But he conceded the whole of the UK will see cooler temperatures of around the mid-teens.

The nights are expected to be cool on Friday and Saturday.

As we head into the weekend, some showers and windy conditions are expected for much of Britain but some dry, sunny intervals may well break through.

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