UK weather forecast: Chaos for the UK as Met warns of three-day barrage of FREAKISH storms

Such is the terrible weather expected to hit many across the country over the next 72 hours that the Met Office has issued a yellow warning throughout the weekend. Despite the UK still being in the summer months, Britons will experience freakish weather for this time of year as the Met Office warns of “heavy rain and strong winds”. Commenting on the weather, Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin revealed that most of the country will be hit by either rain, wind or thunderstorms.

Mr Deakin added: “On Friday there will be rain sweeping northwards from Thursday night.

“It will be very soggy morning rush hour across central and southern Scotland.

“In the south, the rain may have cleared overnight but there will still be a lot of spray and surface water on the roads.

“Progressing through to Friday afternoon, some areas in the south will begin to see sunshine.”

However, the period of bright weather will only be brief as a second band of wet weather will the south-west in the mid-afternoon.

Despite the poor forecast, temperatures will still be pleasant with most areas across the country hitting 25C (77F).

On Saturday, Mr Deakin added that the weather could be even worse as weather warnings remain in place across the country.

Such is the strength of the wind that Mr Deakin it could reach highs of 60mph (96kmph).

While for most of Wales and the South will experience strong winds, further north will see thunderstorms that will remain throughout the day.

Mr Deakin added: “Slow-moving thunderstorms across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland’s will again bring the potential for local flooding.

“Bounds of showers continue to track across the country during Saturday with no sign of them easing off.”

Mr Deakin concluded by warning that there will be the potential for heavy showers and thunderstorms on Sunday too.

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