Trump ‘spent $70,000 on HAIRCUTS while on The Apprentice and $100k on Ivanka’s favourite stylist, tax returns show'

DONALD Trump spent $70,000 on his hair while he starred in The Apprentice, his tax records reportedly reveal.

The documents, obtained by the New York Times, also show he paid $95,464 to his daughter Ivanka’s favorite stylist.

The bombshell report claims he paid only $750 federal taxes in 2017 and in the year became president and paid no income tax in 10 of the previous 15 years.

The president dismissed the claims as "totally fake news", saying they were "made up”.

The Times report details all the business expenses Trump has been able to write off against tax, through which he has been able to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

During his time on The Apprentice from 2004-2015 he paid more than $70,000 on his hair.

Nine of Trump’s businesses have also written off at least $95,464 paid to a favorite hair and makeup artist of Ivanka Trump, who also appeared on The Apprentice.

The Times noted that Trump's homes, planes and golf courses are part of his family business and, as such, he classified them as business expenses as well.

Because companies can write off business expenses as deductions, all such expenses have helped reduce Trumps tax liability.

They include expenses for Mar-a-Lago, now the president’s permanent residence as well as a private club.

As a business, it is also the source of millions of dollars in expenses deducted from taxable income, including $109,433 for linen and silver and $197,829 for landscaping in 2017.

The newspaper said Trump initially paid $95 million in taxes over the 18 years it studied.

But he managed to recover most of that money by claiming and receiving a stunning $72.9 million federal tax refund.

As a result of the refund, Trump paid an average $1.4 million in federal taxes from 2000 to 2017, the Times reported.

By contrast, the average U.S. taxpayer in the top .001 per cent of earners paid about $25 million annually over the same timeframe.

The refund is currently being audited by the IRS and a ruling against the president could cost him $100million, The Times says.

The president could also face mounting financial pressure in the years ahead.

The tax records show he’s carrying a total of $421 million in loans and debt that are primarily due within four years.

Most of that debt comes from the Doral golf resort in Florida ($125 million) and Trump's Washington hotel ($160 million), two properties that the Times said are struggling financially.

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