Trump introduces Farage as 'King of Europe' at Arizona election rally

Donald Trump has branded Nigel Farage the ‘King of Europe’ as the two right-wing leaders lavished praise on each other at a rally on Wednesday.

Ahead of next week’s US election, Brexit Party leader Mr Farage hailed the American President as ‘the single most resilient and bravest person’ he had ever met at an election speech in Arizona. 

Mr Trump claimed the Brit is ‘one of the most powerful men in Europe’, six days before Americans go to the polls in a vote which Democratic rival Joe Biden is forecast to win. The pair famously met in Trump Towers after the President’s shock victory in 2016, with Mr Farage claiming that he was ‘honoured’ to come to the United States ‘to bring the Brexit message that you can beat the establishment, and that is what Donald Trump did.’

Introducing the politician at one of his final pre-election rallies at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Mr Trump joked: ‘He’s a very non-controversial person, right?… Very shy.’

Taking the microphone, Mr Farage light-heartedly responded that he was non-controversial and shy ‘compared to you.’

He then made a speech supporting Mr Trump’s record and resilience to crowds, where limited social distancing and mask wearing was on display despite rising coronavirus rates in the USA.

Mr Farage told supporters that the President had ‘beaten’ the pollsters, the media, and the predictions – and ‘they have never forgiven him for it’. 

Mr Trump unexpectedly beat Hillary Clinton despite losing the popular vote in 2016, but has faced widespread criticism over not telling the truth since.

Mr Farage, who was not wearing a mask as he met Trump supporters, continued: ‘To fight four years of the Russia hoax, four years of the false impeachment, most human beings under that barrage would have given up.’

Reports have suggested that there was widespread interference in the election from Russia, which tried to sway the vote in the President’s favour. His supporters have branded the claims ‘the Russia Hoax’. 

The President had introduced Mr Farage as ‘a friend of mine, a lot of people say one of the most powerful men in Europe.’

In his two minute speech, the eurosceptic figure wished the President ‘God’s speed’ and added: ‘You are voting for the only current leader in the free world who has got the guts to stand up and fight for the nation state, to fight for patriotism to fight against globalism… and stand up to the Chinese Communist Party.’

As the Brit walked from the stage, Mr Trump told adoring crowds: ‘Thank you Nigel, that’s something, I’m glad I called him up.’ 

When he returned from the US in the summer, Mr Farage had to deny claims that he had broken quarantine restrictions by visiting his local pub. 

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