The high-profile Canada-China relations committee is making a comeback

The Canada-China relations special committee created during the last session of Parliament will be making a comeback as MPs return to work amid surging coronavirus cases.

In a motion passed Wednesday with unanimous consent, members of Parliament agreed to plans for how to implement remote voting and to bring back a number of the standing committees such as those tasked with studying health, access to information, finance and public safety, among others.

The Canada-China relations committee, however, was specially created in December 2019 and was not guaranteed that it could resume its work once the House of Commons returned from prorogation, as was the case for standing committees.

The federal parties will have until Oct. 6 to present the members of their caucus that they nominate to sit on the committee, but it’s not clear when the committee will hold its next meeting.

The committee frequently made headlines during the previous session of Parliament.

Meetings included witnesses like Dominic Barton, the Canadian ambassador to China, as well as civil rights activists from Hong Kong who pleaded with the government to act as China imposed a draconian national security law that effectively strips autonomy from Hong Kong.

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