Teen slips at station and has hand and ear cut off by train leaving him suicidal

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A worried dad hopes a robotic arm will save his teenage son from suicide after he suffered a horror train accident.

Tyler Finnigan suffered life-changing injuries when he slipped onto the train tracks at Motherwell Train Station on April 2 last year.

Aged just 15 Tyler lost his left arm which had to be amputated after his hand was sliced off by a moving train, The Daily Record reports.

Tyler also suffered severe head trauma leaving him in an induced coma so doctors could insert 12 staples into his wound and sew his right ear back on.

Since the horrific accident, Celtic fan Tyler has suffered serious mental health issues and has contemplated suicide, devastated by the loss of his independence and haunted by traumatic night terrors.

His dad Kevin Finnigan is trying to raise enough cash to buy him a state-of-the art prosthetic arm to improve his quality of life because he does not have enough bone in his limb to operate a prosthetic provided by the NHS.

Tyler from Coatbridge, Scotland told the Record: "I struggle with life on a daily basis. I can't dress myself or tie my own shoe laces. I need help getting in and out of the shower. I can't do simple things, like cut up a potato or butter bread.

"The worst part is going outside because I'm so paranoid everyone is staring at me. I take panic attacks whenever I hear a train and I have night terrors about the accident.

"I feel like all my friends have abandoned me and I'm in constant pain. I've contemplated suicide, but all I want is my independence – more independence than I have now.

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"Getting a prosthetic arm that would help me do that, it would mean the world to me."

Tyler had been looking forward to starting a mechanics course the week after his accident but his plans for the future became impossible as a result of his injuries.

Dad Kevin, 45, is desperate to help his son regain his independence and is trying to raise money for an artificial limb that works by recording electric signals.

The advanced electronics can cost anywhere up to £100k.

UK based prosthetics firm Otto Bock currently offers the technology privately but the cost is priced per patient.

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Their artificial limb, DynamicArm, is similar to others available in America made by companies such as Open Bionics and Mobius Bionics.

Security guard Kevin is now 'working day and night' to help fund a prosthetic for his son.

Kevin said: "Tyler has been struggling with his mental health and has been really low. It is heartbreaking for me to see him like this and feel like there is nothing I can do.

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"A prosthetic arm that works will make a massive difference to his life. I'm concerned about his mental state of mind, he feels like I've got to help him wash and get dressed.

"He gets so frustrated that he can't put on his own shoes.

"Getting him this arm is so important, it'll help him regain his independence. I've been working all through Christmas to save as much as I can.

"I'll keep going until he gets the arm.

Donations to the fundraiser for Tyler's arm can be made by clicking here.

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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