Summer Wells' father reveals 'her 3 brothers have been removed from home' six weeks after the 5-year-old went missing

SUMMER Wells' father claimed that her three brothers have been removed from their family home six weeks after the 5-year-old went missing, reports say.

It comes after he claimed it is "dangerous in my house" as the family received threats on social media about the missing girl.

Summer Wells disappeared from her home in Hawkins County, Tennessee, on June 15 and a desperate search to locate her has been underway since.

Donald Wells reportedly told a podcast host that his sons have now been removed from the family home as well.

Wells made the comments on a podcast called "Jay is 4 Justice," according to News Channel 11.

Wells reportedly confirmed during his podcast appearance that child services were involved.

"Right now, with everybody attacking us and all this stuff going on, it’s probably better for them," Wells said on the show.

Wells also reportedly said that a lot of people were coming to him and accusing him of various things regarding the disappearance of his daughter.

"I believed that stuff," Wells said. "Like an idiot, I believed it and I flipped out, started drinking, and everything else. And that's why they took our kids."


The podcast's host, Jennifer Youngblood, told the outlet that Wells admitted having the boys taken away had to do with "him having an episode of drinking and there's other things swirling around the internet that it could be the home life or what's going on right now in Summer's case."

On Friday, Wells said that the family home had become dangerous with people trespassing on their property.

He said that one woman claimed she is a psychic.

"We don’t need her crazy ass stopping at our house. She claims to be a Christian, and then she claims to be a psychic. How does that work," he told WVLT.

"Just know that we love our daughter with all our hearts. We would never do anything to hurt our daughter, we would never hurt a soul.

"We love everybody, we are Christian people. We wouldn’t hurt nobody, especially our beautiful, loving daughter.”


According to police, Summer was last seen on June 15 outside her home in the Beech Creek community.

An Amber Alert for the child was filed the next day.

The girl was reportedly wearing grey pants and a pink shirt with no shoes when she disappeared.

Investigators say she is 3-feet-tall, weighs 40 pounds, and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been involved in the search for Summer, and a $25,000 reward was even offered up for information on her whereabouts.

However, there appear to be no leads at this time as to where the child could be.

Law enforcement officials say the investigation is still ongoing.

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