Student fighting for life after falling into hole filled with boiling water

A 19-year-old is fighting for her life after she plunged into a hole filled with boiling water that opened up in the road.

An unnamed 31-year-old was also burned by the scolding water when the ground split and a sink hole formed.

The road collapsed after a heating pipe burst under the ground in the Russian city of Lipetsk.

A boiling pipe created a cavity that collapsed in on itself as a car drove over it.

A young student. named only as Ksenia, was walking to a bus stop when she was swallowed by the hole.

She was dragged out of the pit by passers-by who stripped her of her burning clothes.

Paramedics scrambled to the scene and rushed her to hospital. She was covered in burns on 35% of her body.

She has been taken to a specialist unit in Moscow where she remains in a critical condition.

The news was confirmed by her father who said her condition was serious and at best she was looking at a long recovery period.

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This is not the first time an accident of this sort has occurred in Russia which often has huge central heating plants that pump hot water underground to large residential complexes.

One recent incident happened in the region of Volgograd where a fountain of boiling water gushed out of the ground and four people were burned. One of the victims died in intensive care.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is carrying out investigations into the incidents.

Authorities in Lipetsk said that after the damage to the district heating network, three houses remain without heating.

Work on replacing the damaged pipeline has already begun, according to local reports.

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