Star Hobson killer 'jokes they didn't cry after murdering the toddler'

Star Hobson’s killer stepmother has ‘joked to fellow inmates ”I’ve buried three more babies behind my house” and didn’t cry after murdering the toddler’

  • Savannah Brockhill has allegedly joked about having ‘buried three more babies’
  • Star Hobson’s stepmother was jailed for life last year for murdering the child
  • Former HMP Styal prisoner Amy Cowan claims she overheard Brockhill joking about killing other children

Star Hobson’s killer stepmother is alleged to have joked with fellow prisoners that she has ‘buried three more babies’.

Savannah Brockhill was jailed for life last year for murdering Star and the youngster’s mother, Frankie Smith, 20, was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death. 

Now, serving her sentence at HMP Styal, in Cheshire, Brockhill has allegedly joked around killing other children.

Former inmate Amy Louise Cowan claims she overheard Brockhill joking about killing three other children, Sunday People reports.

Savannah Brockhill (left), Star Hobson’s killer stepmother is alleged to have joked with fellow prisoners that she has ‘buried three more babies’. Pictured right: Star’s mother Frankie Smith, 20, who was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death

Cowan claims to have been cleaning the wing of the prison where Brockhill is being kept on New Year’s Day, when she heard the words.

She added that: ‘Savannah is cold and callous. I never once saw her cry.’

Cowan also claims that Brockhill was left angry by the sentence handed to Smith, saying ‘it’s not right’. 

During her trial, Bradford Crown Court heard details of the horrific injuries inflicted upon Star and the vicious treatment she suffered at the hands of Brockhill and Smith.

Star (pictured) died after being ‘punched, stamped on, or kicked’, Bradford Crown Court previously heard

Star’s fleeting life came to an end after being ‘punched, stamped on, or kicked’ in the stomach by Brockhill, while Smith left the living room to go to the bathroom, the court heard.

The savagery in September last year left Star with a ruptured vein that led to bleeding in her abdominal cavity.

Cowan told Sunday people that Brockill was known to refer to Star as ‘my girl’, saying that she missed the girl every day, but then on other days would blame her for causing trouble with Smith. 

It comes after last month, when Star’s mother phoned her grandfather David Fawcett – who is one of the two relatives who speaks to her – earlier this week to moan about her jail term after the Attorney General urged a review into the ‘lenient’ sentence. 

Now, serving her sentence at HMP Styal (pictured), in Cheshire, Brockhill has allegedly joked around killing other children

She was given just eight years in prison – meaning she could be out in four – after a judge reduced her sentence to account for the ‘burden’ of knowing she played a significant role in the death of her 16-month-old daughter. 

Star’s family previously slammed the ‘staggeringly soft’ sentences handed out and urged the Attorney General to review the case under the unduly lenient sentencing scheme.

A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office confirmed last month they received a request for the sentences to be examined, and law officers have 28 days from the date the terms were given to consider the case and make a decision.

While Star Hobson’s mother was also warned she is a ‘marked woman’ after being put on the lifers’ wing at HMP New Hall where notorious serial killer Rose West is also locked up. 

Pictured: An aerial view of HMP New Hall, Flockton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where Smith is serving her eight-year prison sentence

Smith is understood to be serving her time in a single cell alongside ‘lifers’ at the closed category prison in West Yorkshire.

However, she is said to have a target on her back and is a likely target of an attack after details of Star’s death emerged at trial. 

A source told The Sun Online: ‘She’s a marked woman and it won’t be long before someone gets to her.

‘She’s on the lifers’ wing so there are plenty of women with very little to lose who will attack her for the price of a few bars of chocolate or some toiletries.’  

In an alarming post online, another person wrote: ‘Leave her cell door open’. 


Star Hobson was only 16-months-old when she was killed at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Here are some of the key events in her short life:


May 21 – Star Hobson is born

November – Savannah Brockhill and Frankie Smith begin a relationship.


January 23 – Smith’s friend Holly Jones makes the first contact with social services over concerns about domestic violence and how much time she is left looking after Star. Police and social workers visit Star but no concerns are raised.

Early February – Star goes to live with her great-grandparents, David Fawcett and Anita Smith at their home in Baildon, Bradford, after Smith says she has split up with Brockhill.

April 26 – Star is removed from Anita Smith’s house by her mother and taken to live with Smith and Brockhill.

May 4 – Anita Smith contacts social services after she is told about Brockhill ‘slam-choking’ Star.

June – David Fawcett posts a picture of Star with bruises on Facebook alongside a happier shot and with the caption ‘From this to this in five weeks, what’s going on Frankie?’

June 21 – Star’s father, Jordan Hobson, contacts social services. Police take Star for a hospital examination. Smith says her daughter had hit her face on a coffee table.

June 23 – Another friend of the Smith family contacts social services with concerns.

August 14 – David Fawcett and Anita Smith see Frankie and Star for the last time.

August 28 – David Fawcett is sent a video of Star with bruises and confronts Brockhill.

September 2 – Another of Star’s great-grandfathers, Frank Smith, contacts social services after seeing video of bruises on the youngster’s face. Social workers make an unannounced visit.

September 15 – Social services closes the case after concluding the referral to be ‘malicious’.

September 22 – Star is seriously injured at the flat in Wesley Place, Keighley, and dies later in hospital.


December 14 – Following a trial at Bradford Crown Court Brockhill is convicted of Star’s murder while Smith is convicted of causing or allowing the toddler’s death.

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