Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is in talks for a Netflix film

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is in talks for a Netflix film as producers offer him the chance to tell his version of how his date died on the River Thames

  • Production firm Story Films is offering documentary on Jack Shepherd to Netflix
  • It wants to interview speedboat killer from prison to get his version of events
  • Shepherd was jailed for manslaughter over death of date Charlotte Brown, 24
  • He has been accused of ‘exploiting her death’ and has been granted an appeal 

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd is in talks for a documentary to tell his side of the story of how his date Charlotte Brown died on the River Thames.

Production studio Story Films is understood to be offering the film to the BBC and Netflix and has been speaking to Shepherd in prison, telling him he will get to have his say.

The father-of-one, 31, is currently serving a six-year jail sentence for manslaughter over the death of Miss Brown, 24, when she was thrown from his speedboat into the Thames in 2015. 

Before he was convicted, Shepherd fled to Georgia where he was holed up for 10 months before eventually breaking cover and being extradited back to the UK to face justice.

He also sparked outrage after winning the right to appeal his conviction while still on the run and being handed £100,000 in legal aid to fund it.

Production firm Story Films wants to speak to Jack Shepherd, left in prison for a documentary about the death of his date Charlotte Brown, right, that could air on Netflix

Story Films are believed to have already started filming in Georgia and now want to interview Shepherd in prison.

A source told The Sun: ‘It seems Jack has no shame in continuing to exploit the death to boost his own profile even after he was brought to justice.

‘Story Films are talking to the BBC and offering the idea to Netflix. Jack is speaking to them from prison. They want to approach Charlotte’s family but, for them, any air time is too much.’

Shepherd, 31, pictured, is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for manslaughter 

Story Films is based in London and has been involved in both drama and documentary films. It was founded in 2016 by David Nath and Peter Beard, who have both won Baftas for directing documentaries. 

MailOnline has approached Story Films, Netflix and the BBC for comment. 

Last year it helped produce The Interrogation of Tony Martin which starred Steve Pemberton and aired on Channel 4, depicting the police interview of the Norfolk farmer who shot a burglar dead in 1999.

It will also bring Generation Porn, a three-part documentary on the influence pornography has on its audience and performers, to the same channel later this year, while it is working on a ‘docu-sitcom’ called Our Happy Valley Life about a family in Wales for Channel 5. 

Earlier this year Shepherd was handed an extra six months in jail for fleeing to Georgia on top of the six-year manslaughter sentence he received in his absence last year. 

Miss Brown’s father, Graham Brown, mother Roz Wickens and two sisters Katie and Vicky stared at him from the public gallery five yards away as the judge berated him for causing them extra distress.

Speaking after the hearing, Miss Brown’s sister Katie struggled to hold back tears as she spoke of the agony the ordeal had caused the family.

Miss Brown’s family have previously accused Shepherd of having ‘no remorse’ over Miss Brown’s death and a source claimed they would be opposed to Shepherd being given any air time to explain his side of the story. Pictured from left are mother Roz Wickens, sisters Vicky and Katie and father Graham Brown

Story Films have previously produced The Interrogation of Tony Martin, a drama starring Steve Pemberton, pictured, depicting the police interview of the titular farmer who shot a burglar in 1999

During the Old Bailey trial jurors were told Shepherd’s speedboat, pictured, was found to have a number of defects

She said: ‘As a family we are relieved that Jack Shepherd is now back in the country and commencing his prison sentence. It’s a step closer to justice for Charli.

‘Shepherd has continued to prolong our agony, making wild accusations against our family and the events of the fateful night in December 2015, which are inconsistent to Shepherd’s own police interview and testimonies given during the manslaughter trial.’

The family has accused Shepherd of failing to show remorse or responsibility for his actions.

How the speedboat killer case unfolded 

December 8 2015: Jack Shepherd and Charlotte Brown meet for a date where he takes her to the Shard for dinner, before taking a taxi back to Shepherd’s home, a houseboat in Hammersmith, where they took champagne on board his speedboat for their ride past parliament. 

July 2018: An international arrest warrant is issued for Shepherd

July 26, 2018: Shepherd, despite being absent from court, was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence 

July 27, 2018: Shepherd is sentenced to six years’ imprisonment – Shepherd’s wife is then said to have told police that the 33-year-old had travelled to Georgia.

December 2018: Shepherd is granted leave to appeal against his conviction despite still being on the run. 

January 22, 2019: Family of Charlotte meet with Savid Javid before making a television appeal for Shepherd to ‘do the right thing’

January 23, 2019: Shepherd hands himself in to police in Georgia

January 24, 2019: Shepherd tells a television station in Tbilisi that he fled the UK because he feared the ‘power within the prison system’ held by Ms Brown’s father Graham, who he claims is ‘a civil servant of some influence’. 

January 29, 2019: His legal team successfully fight a fast-track extradition to the UK.

March 26, 2019: Shepherd agrees to be extradited back to the UK following a hearing at Tbilisi City Court.

April 10, 2019: Shepherd is flown back to the UK in handcuffs and is handed over to the Met Police after arriving at London Gatwick at around 9.20pm. 

April 11, 2019: Shepherd admits breaching bail and absconding before his trial at the Old Bailey in front of Miss Brown’s family. He is given an extra six months in jail on top of the six-year manslaughter sentence

Shepherd claims Miss Brown was at the wheel of the boat when it crashed but the family claim there is no evidence to support this.

After handing himself in to police on January 23, he fought extradition for two months before finally being flown back to the UK in Apruil.  

Shepherd previously admitted he felt responsible for Charlotte Brown’s death, but not to the extent of manslaughter, and said he wished he had spoken to her family in the aftermath of the tragedy to explain what happened, before the case came to court.

He added: ‘I regret that I did not speak to [Charlotte’s family] sooner. I see that now. I wasn’t thinking at the time, I was acting on emotional and fear and I made a mistake.’  

In Georgia Shepherd began a relationship with amateur model Maiko Tchanturidze, 24, who is the same age as Miss Brown when she died.

She wept when she said goodbye in his prison in the capital Tbilisi and vowed to stay true to him, saying: ‘I will come to England to visit him in prison, if I can get a visa.’ 

At his trial, jurors heard Shepherd used the speedboat as part of his ‘seduction routine’ and he may have taken up to ten women on a boozy cruise.

After meeting online, Shepherd and Ms Brown shared two bottles of wine over dinner at The Oblix restaurant in The Shard.

He invited her back to his Hammersmith houseboat where they had more drinks and then out for a high-speed champagne sightseeing tour in his red speedboat.

Ms Brown can be heard yelling: ‘Oh my God, you’re going so fast’ as she made a video on their way up to the Houses of Parliament.

But the encounter went horribly wrong when Shepherd decided to hand the wheel to Ms Brown.

The speedboat capsized opposite Plantation Wharf, near Wandsworth Bridge and Shepherd was found clinging to upturned bow of the boat.

Witnesses described hearing him shouting out ‘Help me’, rather than ‘Help us’.

He was unsteady on his feet and still reeked of alcohol after lifeguards hauled him from the river.

Miss Brown was found dead or dying when she was pulled out of the icy water after a frantic search.  

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