Shocking moment man taunts distraught cops over Croydon police officer's death saying 'it is what it is, people die'

A YOB filmed himself taunting distraught cops over the death of a police officer in Croydon during shocking video.

The man said callously “it is what it is” as he was told to stop filming by the heartbroken officers in Kennington, south London.

It comes after Sgt Matiu Ratana was allegedly shot dead by a handcuffed suspect while working in the custody suite of Croydon Police Station this weekend.

In the video, posted to Snapchat, the man films several cops as they stand by a police 4×4.

The cameraman asks the cops “What is going on? What is going on? This is my business! What is going on? I’m asking you what is going on bruv! But you lot are being c***s.”

One of the cops approaches the man and asks him to stop filming as they’re struggling after the shooting of their colleague.

The devastated policeman tells him “We would rather you didn’t film mate. Because we’re having a bad enough time in our work right now”.

When the yob asks “Why?” the cop explains “We had a police officer shot in Croydon. We don’t need you in our face right now.”

But he shouts back at the officer: “F*** it man. It is what it is, man. People die every day brother, you know what I mean.”

The heartbroken cop looks back in shock as he continues: “When you lot are killing us, you lot don’t care!”

The policeman walks away from the cameraman as he sneers back at the officer: “Hard enough time? Sh** man.”


People were left appalled by the cameraman’s behaviour after the short slip was shared on social media.

One commented: “This is disgusting, racism is not okay, killing black people for no reason IS NOT OKAY.

“But justifying that somebody’s death is fine because of their job role isn’t okay either.

“That police officer has a family to go home to, possibly kids and a partner, and that won’t happen anymore because he got shot for doing his JOB!”

Another said: “Man was tryna [sic] provide for his family and got killed for it but this guy think it’s okay to be disrespectful to him.”

One person wrote “Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. These men just lost a colleague and he’s making a mockery of their feelings. Have some respect!”

However, others defended the cameraman.

One person wrote “You’ve got to admit, this guy’s got a point”.

Another said: “I’m in two minds about this. His behaviour is disgraceful but I agree what he is saying.”

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