Shocking moment man jumps onto a WHALE SHARK and 'rides' the animal

Shocking moment man jumps onto a WHALE SHARK and ‘rides’ the back of the animal by clinging onto its dorsal fin

  • Stuntman was sailing with two friends in the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia 
  • Footage shows him jumping from the boat and onto the back of a whale shark 
  • His friends cheers as he grips the animal by the dorsal fin as it swims along 
  • Whale sharks are not dangerous to humans, but the practice is discouraged 

This is the shocking moment a man jumps onto a whale shark and attempts to ride the animal by clinging onto its dorsal fin in the Red Sea.

The stuntman, named locally as Zaki Al-sabahy, was filmed sitting on the bow of a yacht as he eyed up the sharks swimming close to the port city of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

When one of the docile animals sidled up to the boat, Mr Al-sabahy leapt onto its back, gripped the animal’s dorsal fin and slung his legs around its midriff.

The practice of riding whale sharks is well known and similar footage has emerged before, despite it being discouraged by scientists and conservationists. 

The stuntman, named locally as Zaki Al-sabahy, was filmed riding the animal’s back in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Although shocking, the act is not particularly brave because the whale shark is a completely harmless animal

Mr Al-sabahy was with two friends who filmed him and uploaded the footage to social media. 

One of the men can be heard shouting, ‘Careful, it can swallow you,’ as Mr Al-sabahy hangs onto the dorsal fin. 

The huge animals are extremely rare to see in the Red Sea, and many people commented on the man’s stunt.

Many were impressed by the video, one user commented: ‘A brave man, God saves him.’

But others were highly critical of ‘their reckless behaviour’ for terrifying the animal.  

The Saudi authorities have made no comment on the incident.

The whale shark, the world’s largest fish, is listed as ‘endangered’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List due to the impacts of fisheries, by-catch losses and vessel strikes, along with the animal’s long lifespan and late maturation.

Despite their size, whale sharks are not dangerous and younger animals are known to play with scuba divers.

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