School sorry after sending war poem to pupils saying ‘blew the s*** out of them’

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A school has apologised after a war poetry book sent to pupils contained swear words and the phrase “we blew the s*** out of them”.

The poem, called American Football (A reflection on the Gulf War) by Harold Pinter, was included in a book of World War 1 and 2 poetry for Year 8 students.

One parent claimed to find it hilarious but said others would be offended, CornwallLive reports.

Penrice Academy in St Austell, Cornwall has told parents to discard the booklet, which was sent after schools were closed during the national lockdown.

The poem includes the lines, “We blew the s*** out of them, We blew the s*** right back up their own a**” and “they suffocated in their own s***”.

Other lines include “praise the Lord for all good things, we blew them into f*****g s***”, as well as “We blew their b*lls into shards of dust”.

One parent said: “I found it hilarious but I obviously know it will offend other parents.

"I found it funny considering the current circumstances we all need a laugh from time to time.

“My son thought it was great, he even asked if he could memorise it and video record it for his teacher. I had to decline his request.”

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The school’s head of English emailed parents “sincerely” apologising for the poem “that may have caused offence.”.

The email added: “Unfortunately, due to the short notice of the school closures, in preparing the resources this inappropriate poem was missed, this is no excuse and again, I can only apologise.

“To avoid any further issues please can you discard the booklet.”

Richard Baker, the school’s executive principal, said: "A member of staff downloaded a pre-prepared document and without following the correct processes in place at the school, the member of staff organised for this to be sent to most of the year group.

"On realising the content of one of the poems, all parents and carers were contacted and asked to discard the inappropriate material that had been sent.

"A communication was also sent to apologise for the mistake and that it was totally inappropriate for that material to be sent out from the school.

"The matter will now be dealt with internally.”

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