Sajid Javid 'safe from the sack' at Boris Johnson's Cabinet reshuffle

Sajid Javid is ‘safe from the sack’ at Boris Johnson’s February Cabinet reshuffle despite ongoing ‘war with PM’s top aide Dominic Cummings’

  • Boris Johnson is expected to undertake a reshuffle of his Cabinet in coming days
  • There had been speculation Chancellor Sajid Javid’s role could be under threat
  • Mr Javid is reportedly at war with the Prime Minister’s aide Dominic Cummings 
  • But supporters of the Chancellor now believe he will not be moved at reshuffle 

Allies of Sajid Javid believe the Chancellor will not be sacked at Boris Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle despite claims he and the PM’s top aide Dominic Cummings have repeatedly clashed.

The Prime Minister is expected to shake-up his ministerial top team in the coming days now that the UK has left the European Union. 

There had been speculation that Mr Javid was on course to be the most high profile casualty of the reshuffle. 

But Mr Johnson has apparently given the Chancellor a private assurance that he will not be changing the occupant of Number 11 Downing Street. 

Supporters of Mr Javid said his position was ‘looking shaky’ last week but he now appears to be ‘pretty safe’. 

Sajid Javid, pictured in Sunderland on January 31, has reportedly received a private assurance from Boris Johnson that he will not be replaced at the reshuffle

The Prime Minister, pictured in Downing Street today, is expected to shake up his top team in the coming days 

The Chancellor and Mr Cummings have reportedly butted heads in recent months over government spending announcements. 

The Buzzfeed website reported the pair’s relationship had been ‘irrevocably’ damaged by Mr Cummings’ decision to remove two of Mr Javid’s special advisers.  

Any decision to replace Mr Javid would likely have a massive de-stabilising effect on the government given that the reshuffle is expected to take place just weeks before the Budget on March 11.

Mr Johnson guaranteed during the general election campaign last year that Mr Javid would continue to be his Chancellor if he secured a Tory majority government. 

The PM made the cast-iron guarantee as he hailed Mr Javid as a ‘great guy’. 

He told the Confederation of British Industry conference in November: ‘I’m going to give you an absolutely categorical assurance that I will keep Sajid Javid as my chancellor. How about that?

Mr Javid and Dominic Cummings, pictured arriving in Downing Street today, have repeatedly clashed in recent months, according to reports

‘I think he’s a great guy and I think he is doing a fantastic job and I’m proud to count him as a colleague.’

The bullish attitude of Mr Javid’s supporters came as it was reported that ministers who fear being sacked at the reshuffle have formed a new ‘pizza club’ group to discuss how to keep their jobs. 

The original ‘pizza club’ was set up by Brexit-backing ministers to discuss strategy. 

But the new one is apparently focused on trying to persuade Mr Johnson not to sack the group’s members and to urge him to dismiss the alleged ‘control freakery’ of Mr Cummings.     

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