Russian soldiers eating dogs in Ukraine, tapped phone call reveals

Putin’s soldiers are eating DOGS after becoming ‘sick’ of their long-life ration packs, Russian soldier reveals in intercepted phone call to his family

  • Phone call tapped by Ukrainian security service shows Russians’ desperation
  • Man asks: ‘Are you eating dogs?’ Soldier says: ‘We have, we wanted some meat.’
  • Russian troops have reported being given ration packs which expired years ago
  • Long-life rations contain meat and veg, crackers, porridge and multivitamins

Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are heard admitting they’ve eaten dog meat and raped young girls in horrifying intercepted audio.

In tapped phone calls released by Kyiv secret service the SBU yesterday, Russian soldiers reveal their sick sexual ‘conquests’ and complain about the quality of years-old ration packs.

An unidentified man presumed to be a family member asks in Russian: ‘Are you eating okay at least?’

Cats and dogs across Ukraine have been displaced, abandoned and wounded. This injured pet, which was taken in by the ADA shelter in southeastern Poland, is nursing a serious scratch

A soldier replies: ‘We had Alabay (dog) yesterday.’

‘Who?’, the family member asks.

‘Alabay’, he replies matter-of-factly.

The stunned man says: ‘Are you eating dogs or what?’

Again the soldier replies stoically: ‘We have. We wanted some meat.

‘We’re sick of [ration packs]’.

The soldier goes on to describe the rape of a 16-year-old girl by ‘our guys’.

An older woman who could be his mum asks ‘Who did it?’, to which the soldier says ‘three tankers’ in his unit.

It’s not clear where in Ukraine the Russian fighter is located, nor precisely when the phone call took place.

The footage, which runs to just over a minute, was tweeted by the SBU yesterday morning to more than 400,000 followers.

A flurry of outraged replies followed, with Ukrainians pointing out dogs could one day get their revenge by chewing on the Russian soldiers’ corpses.

One tweeter replied: ‘It’s just the bottom of the bottom … Satan nervously smokes beside them.’

Another fumed: ‘Filth! They will burn in hell.’

But in a twisted irony, dogs have also been seen chewing on the corpses of Russian soldiers, according to graphic tweets posted in the last few days.

Kyiv security service the SBU tweeted the horrifying clip yesterday, prompting furious replies

Ukrainian forces and charities from around the world have worked to rescue vulnerable pets

A woman holds her dog as she flees Irpin, near Kyiv. Despite Russian peace vows, war rages on

In Mariupol, where this man and his dog are seen walking past a block of flats, fighting is fierce

Efforts to rescue vulnerable pets from the war-torn country have been aided by British Army veteran Tom, 34, who has helped save almost 700 cats and days since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. 

The Yorkshireman, who kept his surname a secret for security reasons, compared his efforts to the sorts of ‘military operation’ he experienced while in combat.

Tom said: ‘It’s not just shelter animals that need our help, you have rescues, you have breeders, you have people that have taken in stray and abandoned animals, there must be at least 1,000 locations that have more than 30 dogs. 

‘There are thousands of them.’

Allegations of war crimes by Russian soldiers have been widely circulated since the start of the war last month.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken formally accused Putin of war crimes based on ‘public and intelligence sources’ last week.

Earlier this month Joe Biden branded the Russian president a ‘war criminal’.

A petition to try Putin in Nuremberg-style proceedings at the International Criminal Court has almost 1.5million signatures from around the world.

Notable alleged war crimes include the bombing of the Mariupol drama theatre where hundreds of refugees were taking shelter. 

Residential areas in cities across Ukraine have also seen continued, indiscriminate artillery fire over the past five weeks.

Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said this month: ‘The Russian Armed Forces have committed and continue to commit multiple war crimes against the civilian population, as well as crimes against humanity. 

‘All of those and other crimes are being thoroughly documented, laying the groundwork for further probes of international and Ukrainian justice.’

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