Residents left confused after street name undergoes sex change

A STREET name sex-swap has left families scratching their heads.

The baffling switch in Alexandra Road saw a sign for Alexander Road appear — yards away from one with the correct spelling.

It confused residents of the street in the Suffolk market town of Beccles — as well as delivery drivers who were uncertain if they were in the right road at all.

One local said: “When I saw it I wondered if the council was trying to be gender neutral by having both names on the same street.

“Whatever’s be­hind it, it’s completely bonkers.”

Alexandra Road resident Ratchanee Batley was so bamboozled she even had to phone her husband to check its name.

She said: “I looked to my right and it said Alexander Road and then I looked to my left and it said Alexandra Road.

“And I thought, ‘Hang on, where do I live?’.”

East Suffolk Council confirmed the sign would be changed back.

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