Rep. Lauren Boebert releases video of herself walking around DC with gun

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Glock-toting Rep. Lauren Boebert released a new video showing her loading her gun and explaining why she’s arming herself in Washington, DC — one of the “most dangerous cities in our country.”

The newly elected congresswoman from Colorado has been fighting to carry her weapon inside the Capitol building.

“Even though I now work in one of the most liberal cities in America, I refuse to give up my rights — especially my Second Amendment rights,” Boebert, a Republican, says in the nearly three-minute video, tweeted on Sunday.

The video opens with the mom of four handily loading her Glock and slipping it into a waistband holster before walking through Washington, DC.

Boebert promises “I will carry my firearm in DC and in Congress.”

“Here are the real reasons why I choose to defend myself in our nation’s capital,” the 34-year-old continues. “I am a woman and a mother of four. I chose to defend my family with all of the force the Constitution provides. DC is one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in our country. Homicide rates and violent crimes are skyrocketing here.”

In the video, Boebert, who founded the restaurant called Shooters Grill in the small community of Rifle, Colorado, recalled a “violent incident” outside her eatery that convinced her to start packing heat.

Now, she says Shooters Grill has mandatory firearm training and target practice for staffers, who are encouraged to open-carry firearms.

“As a 5-foot tall, 100-pound woman, I choose to protect myself legally because I am my best security,” Boebert says, adding that she’ll be walking to her office every day.

“So, if you see me in DC, say hi. You’re safe with me.”

Last week, Boebert penned a letter — signed by 82 current and incoming GOP Congress members — urging House leadership to keep a 1967 rule that exempts lawmakers from a ban on firearms inside the Capitol.

Members of Congress are allowed to store firearms in their offices and transport them in Washington, DC, as long as they are not loaded.

A handful of Democrats fought against the exemption. But a ban on firearms for members was not included in new House rules unveiled Monday.

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