Rarest big cat in the world caught ‘behaving like a kitten’ in amazing footage

An extremely rare and critically endangered wild cat has been caught on camera basking in its glorious surroundings at the Land of the Leopard National Park in Russia’s Far East.

The Amur leopard can live for 10-15 years in the wild, but its numbers have dwindled due to poaching and declining habitat.

Latest figures suggest there are just 120 living in their natural habitat.

So new footage showing a close-up of the leopard is extremely rare.

In the footage, the leopard is seen falling on its side before playfully rubbing itself on the ground.

The giant feline is seen sprawled on the ground much like a house cat.

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Experts at the park say it looks like an older feline

“Despite his old age, the male leopard showed excellent health and a playful Friday mood,” the park service said of the extraordinary footage.

“In front of the camera, the predator played like a domestic kitten.”

The astonishing clip was taken by Ruptly cameras and posted to YouTube last week.

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Since being uploaded to YouTube, some 8,500 people have since viewed the clip.

The Russian park was set up to help protect the beautiful spotted cat and bring it back from the brink of extinction.

Around 120 of the cats are currently thought to live in the wild in eastern Russia, but the species has been showing something of a comeback, according to cat census figures from the park.

It comes after a leopard attacked a pet dog after being filmed creeping up on it outside its home.

The big cat was filmed clamping its jaws around the pooch's neck as it slept on the doorstep.

A snow leopard was filmed attacking prey after leaping off a clip in a heart-stopping battle.

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