Queen’s sister Princess Margaret almost upstaged her on biggest day of her life

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry's recent attacks on the Royal Family have caused an international stir, but scandals within the monarchy are anything but new.

In fact, the Queen, 95, was dealing with family dramas way before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were even born.

As far back as the 1950s, Her Majesty's relationship with her sister Princess Margaret was complex, to say the least.

Expertly reenacted in The Crown, the pair were polar opposites in many ways.

On one hand, the Queen strove to become a respectable figurehead, while wild child Margaret was said to love to smoke, booze, and party until the early hours.

Despite their clear differences, they had an unbreakable bond until the Countess of Snowdon's death in 2002.

But, as the Queen marks the 68th anniversary of her coronation today, we take a look at how her feisty and flirty sister even managed to upstage the monarch on arguably the biggest day of her life.

It was June 2, 1953, and all eyes were meant to be fully focused on Princess Elizabeth.

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Following the death of her dad King George VI, she was preparing to take the mantle of the monarch and ascend to the throne.

Millions of well-wishers packed streets across the Commonwealth in anticipation of a new queen.

It was tipped to be a day to remember – and it didn't disappoint – but not for all the right reasons.

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Not one to be overshadowed by her regal sister, Princess Margaret accidentally grabbed almost as many headlines as her older sibling.

It might seem innocent enough, but Margaret merely plucking a piece of lint from war hero Peter Townsend's lapel got tongues wagging across the world.

The pair had been romantically linked, but those rumours had been repeatedly quashed by Buckingham Palace.

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However, that seemingly meaningless gesture revealed a glimpse of chemistry between them and, with the event being beamed to televisions across the world, it became a major talking point for all who saw it.

What made it such a scandal was that not only was Townsend a commoner, he was a divorcee – a huge taboo in royal circles at the time.

If Margaret was found to have been involved with a divorced commoner, it would've been a huge embarrassment to the new Queen – an indication that she supported divorce.

Soon after, Margaret allegedly asked her sister's permission to marry Townsend, but her request was denied, though it has been said the Queen eventually warmed to the idea.

The monarch even devised a plan that would allow it, while saving her own reputation, but Margaret had already had a change of heart by then and ended the relationship.

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