Puppy ‘severely’ mauled by two bigger dogs in ‘horrifying’ random attack

Police are on the hunt for for two men whose "devil dogs" launched a savage attack on a puppy.

Pup Rocco, just seven months old, was left with a deep gash which requires surgery on his leg after the horrifying mauling.

The young Border Collie Bull Staffy was enjoying a walk with his 47-year-old owner near the top of Graig Mountain at Pontypridd when the savaging took place.

The man, a risk assessor for a bank who does not want to be named, said: "It was horrifying, I thought my dog was going to die."

Their pleasant stroll descended into a nightmare when they came across two men walking with three dogs, which he says were American Bullies.

He said: "Two of their dogs were adults and one was a puppy. One of the adult dogs had its ears cropped. As soon as I saw that dog, and I saw they were loose, I knew they were going to attack.

"Without warning the two adult dogs just pounced on Rocco. That's the only way I can describe it.

"My dog was severely bitten for 20 or 30 seconds. The two men said nothing. They were kicking their dogs but that's all they were doing.

"That was possibly the worst thing they could have done. If I was in their situation my instinct would have been to grab my dog and grab his jaw.

"My dog was being bitten around the harness, around its right leg and right shoulder. Almost by instinct I grabbed one of the other dogs and threw it about a metre away. It was enough to surprise the dogs and make them back away. Only then they were restrained by the owners."

Describing his decision to fight to save Rocco, he said: "It's like when a dog kind of becomes likes a child, and there's that bond, you just jump in and you don't think about yourself in that moment."

Rocco's owner said the incident left him in shock while little Rocco was "distressed, really scared" and left suffering with bite wounds on his shoulder and a bad gash on his right leg which will require surgery.

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Explaining why he left the scene without demanding the other owner's details, he told WalesOnline: "You've got to remember there were two men with American Bullies barking and lunging and straining on the lead while I've got a puppy that's distressed.

"If you're facing that, how would you feel? It could be Mike Tyson, I don't think anyone would respond."

Dog experts say well trained American Bully dogs are normally gentle and friendly.

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