Psycho ‘evil’ ginger cat terrorising dogs and chasing their owners down the road

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    A fiery ginger cat has been causing a stir by terrorising dogs and their owners.

    And some residents in the North Wales town of Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, have even been chased down the street by the feisty feline. Pictures on social media show injuries inflicted on unfortunate dogs by the "vicious" cat, North Wales Live reports.

    In a desperate bit to ward it off, locals are now arming themselves with water pistols and bottle sprays, while others suggest using umbrellas as a first line of defence. The situation escalated this week when a woman was stalked by the ninja-like ginger cat before it attacked her leashed dog.

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    The aftermath photo shows the dog sporting several scratches across its face. The owner took to Facebook to vent, stating: "This cat is vicious, not scared of humans or dogs it's so brave and evil. My dog is on a lead but the cat runs at her and attacks.

    "It literally chases us down the road attacking her. You always hear of dogs not under control. What about cats?"

    Other pet owners chimed in to acknowledge the town's feline menace. One woman shared: "Our dog has been attacked by the same cat! It then proceeded to attack my partner whilst we were walking away!"

    A dog walker had a tense encounter with the cat, caliming "This one got my dog yesterday (which was on a short tight lead). We stopped on the path waiting for it to move. We couldn't even get past it! Wouldn't move for humans either! Then it went for our dog and clawed her face and side."

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    Alison Blackledge, whose dog Doris, a seven year old Fox Terrier, had a run-in with a ginger moggy some 10 days ago. She said: "Poor old Doris came off worse, which is unusual for a terrier. She was being nosey, got a bit too close, then 'pow'! It all kicked off and they were rolling around on the floor. Doris was more startled than anything."

    Fearing possible infection from the bites and scratches on Doris' midriff, Alison bathed her before covering her injuries in antiseptic cream. To keep the area clean, Doris was swathed in bandages.

    She added: "The bandages have just come off and she's healing nicely. She'll have a few nasty scars but she'll live to fight another day. The scratches weren't much worse than if she'd gone through a gorse bush. But as they'd been caused by a cat, I didn't want to take any chances."

    Contact has since been made with the cat's owner to alert him to the situation. He was said to be "really apologetic" and is "taking action".

    The Daily Star has reached out to the cat for a comment.

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