Prince Charles once wore hysterical disguise so he could have drama-free holiday

Prince Charles once pulled on a hilarious disguise to ski under the radar on holiday in 1980.

Keen to enjoy his time away without being hassled by the press, the Prince of Wales donned a look few of the most ardent royal fans could now detect.

The prince was at a resort in Klosters, Switzerland a year before tying the knot with Princess Diana when he decided to hit the slopes with a new nose and moustache.

Charles' disguise, which also included joke glasses and a red hat, may have looked clownish but a resurfaced snap proves he was practically unrecognisable, the Mirror reports.

That is however until he revealed his identity and the new look attracted even more attention.

According to the Daily Mail, a 32-year-old Charles seemed to take the situation in good humour and told photographers that "the prince would not be coming out today".

Taking on a different persona is something that Charles appears to have passed on to his sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

While at university in St Andrews, Scotland, William decided to go by a different name as he was keen to go under the radar.

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Although he did officially enrol at the university in the name William Wales, it is believed his classmates used the nickname so he didn't receive any unwanted attention.

There's also a good chance his now wife the Duchess of Cambridge called him this, as they were close friends at university and lived in the same student accommodation.

Meanwhile, Harry used a different pseudonym after setting up a secret Instagram account.

According to the biography Finding Freedom, Meghan Markle was followed on Instagram by an account called @SpikeyMau5 – which is said to have belonged to the Prince – when they first started dating.

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It is said that Harry came up with the handle due to his love of house music and that he incorporated Mau in reference to his favourite DJs – DeadMau5.

The account's profile picture was reportedly of a mouse-shaped helmet and it is believed that the 'spikey' moniker had been favoured Harry for years.

'Spike' was a nickname sometimes used for Harry by his Scotland Yard protection offices.

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