Prince Charles’ ‘joke pet name for Camilla shows he’s dependent on her’

Prince Charles "jokingly called" Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall his 'Girl Friday', a royal biographer has claimed.

Sally Bedell Smith, Vanity Fair contributing editor and historian, spoke about the pet name during the Royally Obsessed podcast about the Prince of Wales' relationship with his wife.

She revealed the famous story of Prince Charles gifting Camilla a bracelet before he married Diana, writes the Express.

Ms Bedell Smith told listeners: "It was a very simple bracelet, a little gold bracelet, with a blue disk on it.

"It just said 'GF' and 'GF' meant 'Girl Friday'.

"That's what he jokingly called her.

"It just meant that she was sort of his companion, his helper."

She continued: "It could have meant that she was his Friday girl too.

"But 'Girl Friday' usually refers to someone who's a sort of Jill of all trades.

"She could help him out with things, and she was sort of reliable.

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"Camilla would definitely fit that bill."

The 'GF' on the bracelet was originally thought to translate to 'Gladys and Fred'.

These were widely known to be the nicknames Prince Charles and Camilla used for each other when they began dating in their 20s.

The joke referred to characters from 'The Goon Show', a British radio comedy programme.

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Princess Diana spoke about discovering the bracelet before she wed the Prince of Wales, and saw it as a sign of their relationship being doomed.

However, Ms Bedell Smith claims that 'Gladys and Fred' was a "figment of Diana's imagination".

The royal biographer told the podcast the gift was one of dozen that the Prince of Wales had made at the time.

According to a 'solid source', Prince Charles had given these as presents to special people in his life before he got married.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall tied the knot in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall in 2005, and celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

To celebrate, they released a new photo of the pair posing with two rescue Jack Russell terriers on their laps, at their home on the royal Balmoral estate in Scotland.

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