One dead in gas explosion with house ripped apart as it felt like ‘earthquake’

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    A huge gas explosion has seen one man found dead in an incident which felt like a "mini earthquake" for nearby residents as the blast completely destroyed the Edinburgh home.

    Nothing but rubble was left after an explosion in Baberton at 10.25pm last night (December 1). Two residents were inside the home but managed to get out, being taken to hospital after the blast with Police Scotland confirmed the incident.

    The Force later confirmed an 84-year-old man injured in the blast had died. Emergency services arrived at the residential area to see a home completely destroyed by a suspected gas explosion, which left the property crumbled out into the street.

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    Residents believe the home was destroyed by a gas explosion, which left the remains of the home scattered across the street and in footage shot of the aftermath, rubble could be seen covering a car.

    A local took to Facebook and wrote: "Very scary. What a fright we all got. The couple/owners are out and away to hospital." Members of the public were advised by Police Scotland to avoid the area.

    Further claims from members of the public say a man and woman were pulled from the rubble. The Daily Mail reported the claim, which read: "Both are safe and away to hospital! Me and another guy pulled the woman from the rubble! Very scary that was."

    Police Scotland issued a statement after the blast, reading: "Around 10.25pm on Friday, 1 December, 2023 we were called to reports of an explosion at a property on Baberton Mains Avenue in Edinburgh.

    "Emergency services are at the scene, and we would advise people to avoid the area at this time." Scottish Fire and Rescue were also on hand to respond to the emergency.

    A 43-year-old woman and 54-year-old man were taken to hospital for treatment, but their condition is currently unknown.

    Police say there are no suspicious circumstances.

    It comes as the explosion was reportedly heard from miles away, with cinema goers in the nearby area alleging they felt the blast while locals say they could hear the explosion from a few miles away.

    A member of the public took to X, formerly Twitter, and wrote: "I heard the loud bang from my house." Another added: "Heard the bang but thought it was fireworks going off."

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