Oh rats! Here’s where NYC ranks on list of ‘America’s Rattiest Cities’

Rats in the Big Apple are gnawing their way to the top!

New York City came in at No. 3 on a list of “America’s Rattiest Cities” — fueled in part by restaurant closures amid the coronavirus crisis.

Only Los Angeles and Chicago ranked worse in food-scrap-starved rats running wild, according to a report from the pest control company Orkin.

“The pandemic-driven closure of restaurants forced rodents to find new food sources. Without food waste to consume, these pests were seen scavenging new areas and exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior,” the company said in a press release.

To determine which cities were most infested with the filthy furballs, the company reviewed the number of new rodent treatments administered in residential and commercial buildings over the past year.

Washington, DC came in just after the Big Apple, ranking fourth-worst, followed by San Francisco and Detroit.

It was the third year in a row perpetually rat-plagued New York City came in at No. 3, while Chicago was ranked first for the sixth consecutive year.

In August, local politicians warned that New York City streets would become overrun by vermin if Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t curb trash — after rat sightings soared from under 1,000 in April to more than 1,600 in June.

To stop rats from taking over, folks living in cities should avoid leaving behind even small crumbs, clean cluttered spaces, and trim overgrown landscape, Orkin said.

The pest control company also warned that rodent sightings may spike in the coming months.

“As we approach colder months, rodent activity will only continue increasing as these pests seek shelter in warm areas with available food and water. As the US population spends more time at home this season, residents should pay extra attention to the attractants that entice rats and mice,” it said.

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