Officers face disciplinary hearing over girl's claims before her death

Two Met Police officers are facing disciplinary hearing over claims they failed to act when hairdresser, 17, told them she was being harassed by her drug dealer ex-boyfriend weeks before he killed her in fight

  • Katrina Makunova died when she fell on to a knife she had concealed in her bag 
  • Ex-boyfriend Oluwaseyi Dada was jailed for over two years for manslaughter
  • Miss Makunova told police she was suffering abuse in weeks before her death 
  • Kerry Lynham and Sophie Dennis accused of grossly incompetent performance

Two police officers are facing a disciplinary hearing over claims they failed to act on claims of domestic violence made by a teenage hairdresser who was killed in a heated confrontation with her ex-boyfriend.

PCs Kerry Lynham and Sophie Dennis from the Metropolitan Police face a disciplinary hearing over claims of harassment made by Katrina Makunova in the weeks before her death.

The 17-year-old died in July 2018 when she fell on to a knife that she had concealed in her handbag ahead of a meeting with Oluwaseyi Dada, 23, in Camberwell, south-east London.

He was jailed for two years and three months for her manslaughter in what Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith described as an ‘extraordinary case’.

Katrina Makunova, 17, (left) was killed by her boyfriend Oluwaseyi Dada, 23, (right) in Camberwell, London on July 12, 2018

The two Metropolitan Police constables will face claims that their performance was grossly incompetent in a two-day hearing beginning on September 8.

It is claimed that, on June 23 2018, at an address in Forest Hill and at Lewisham police station, both in south-east London, they:

  • Failed to acknowledge a member of the public was reporting criminal allegations of harassment and offences under the Public Order Act;
  • Failed to take positive action as a result of that allegation;
  • Failed to complete risk assessments relating to a vulnerable victim of domestic abuse;
  • Failed to safeguard a child (Miss Makunova) in failing to complete a report for a database containing details of minors who have had contact with police.

PC Dennis is also accused of providing false and misleading information on a crime report.

It is claimed the officer wrongly recorded that Miss Makunova did not want to make a statement when she had not been asked to do so; wrongly stated that a risk assessment form had been completed; and incorrectly said that she had refused to answer some questions.

Previously, the trainee hairdresser and her family had called police five times between February and June to accuse Dada, who she met on Instagram, of assault and harassment. 

Miss Makunova died after an altercation in the foyer of Dada’s block of flats in Camberwell. Police believe this ended with her falling on her handbag which contained a knife that fatally pierced her chest.

Dada, from Streatham, admitted manslaughter, but Miss Makunova’s family believe he should have been charged with murder due to his controlling and brutal behaviour.

Brett Weaver, prosecuting, said there was a ‘background of animosity’ in the relationship and the couple had ‘made threats and insulted each other via social media’. 

Her older brother, Julius, 21, said Dada regularly threatened her with violence if she went to police.

Miss Makunova had been working at Aroma Hair and Beauty in Farnborough, Hampshire, and aspired to become a beautician

Police and paramedics found Dada attempting CPR on Ms Makunova at the scene, pictured in July last year 

One time, Julius said he contacted police after Dada threatened to kill his girlfriend because he suspected she had been talking to other boys.

‘She told me in [Romanian] not to saying anything because he had a machete in his trousers,’ he recalled.

Julius said Dada was a psychopath whose controlling behaviour regularly led to violence, including when he threw his girlfriend out of his flat naked and forced her to get a taxi home.

He also said his sister had sent a message the day before he died saying she ‘did not love’ Dada but he was ‘very possessive’. 

Later, Dada told her: ‘Don’t f***ing play that game before I stab you’.

This was followed by even more threatening messages, and 30 minutes before she arrived at his flat to pick up a mobile phone he sent a note saying, ‘Let the party begin’.

Miss Makunova had been working at Aroma Hair and Beauty in Farnborough, Hampshire, and aspired to become a beautician.

Speaking soon after her death, Julius paid tribute to the tragic teenager, describing her as a ‘hardworking, confident and joyful girl’.

He added: ‘She could walk into the room and put a smile on everyone’s face.’

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