NYPD tells cops weed is still ‘strictly prohibited’ despite legalization

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Marijuana may now be legal in the Empire State, but the NYPD doesn’t want New York’s Finest going to pot, according to a memo dispatched to all uniformed and civilian members.

“With regard to recently passed state legislation that legalized the recreational use of marijuana, uniformed and civilian members of the service are reminded that the use of marijuana is still strictly prohibited,” the memo, sent out Friday reads.

“All existing patrol guide procedures regarding its prohibition as well as drug screening procedures remain in effect. Members are reminded that they must be fit for duty at all times. Members who are found unfit for duty or who fail a drug screening test are subject to suspension and/or termination at the discretion of the Police Commissioner.” The memo was issued by the commanding officer of the NYPD medical division.

Cops join thousands of government employees who may see their jobs go up in smoke if they partake.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana in New York.

The move came after the state lawmakers green-lit the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act after hours of debate late Tuesday.

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