Notre Dame fire – Internet users edit cathedral's Wikipedia page to say it is to 'on fire and dying inside' after inferno rocks Paris

INTERNET users spared no time mocking the Notre Dame's blaze on its Wikipedia page after a devastating fire engulfed the iconic landmark this evening.

Under the Architecture section of the page, the cathedral's functional status was edited to say: "On fire and dying inside :)".

As the inferno raged on, the status was also updated to "On Fire".

Its functional status has now been updated to say "Unknown (Fire damage)" after firefighters saved the main structure of the cathedral from complete destruction.

Crews are still working to contain the flames – with the latest images showing the damage from inside the landmark.

Flames are still burning on the roof as debris covers the first rows of pews inside the cathedral.

Another image shows missing sections of the ceiling.

Dramatic photos show the damage caused by the blaze that destroyed the 850-year-old's church's spire and much of its Gothic roof.

The fire broke out at 5.30pm local time this evening and 400 firefighters were deployed to battle the inferno.

France's Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said “the fire had since decreased in intensity".

Emmanuel Gregoire, the deputy mayor of Paris, said the cathedral had suffered "colossal damages".

Police said there have been no deaths, but one firefighter has been "seriously injured".



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French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted: “Notre Dame of Paris in flames.

"Emotion of a whole nation. Thoughts go out to all Catholics and all of France. Like all our countrymen, I'm sad tonight to see this part of us burn.”

He later said: "We will rebuild."

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