‘No option’ Putin’s puppet calls for two captured US soldiers to face ‘death sentence’

Russian TV host discusses 'death sentence' for US soldiers

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Russian political pundit Vladimir Solovyov bragged about  Russian forces announcing the capture of American troops. Solovyov claimed the trial for the American soldiers will be based on a precedent, stating there will be a “death sentence.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has been slammed after his forces in Luhansk handed out a death sentence to British soldiers Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin for fighting against Russia. Western Government officials are waiting for more information on the captured American soldiers who were in Ukraine training with the Ukrainian army before their capture.

Solovyov told Russia 1: “It seems two Americans have been captured, I can only imagine what will happen now.

“The Telegraph writes that the first American fighters have been captured by Russians in Ukraine.

“Alexander John, Robert Drueke, and Andy Huynh, both of them served in the US army, both travelled to Ukraine.

“Now I understand there will be a trial based on the precedent, there will be a death sentence.”

Mr Gurulyov added: “Yes, there are no other options.”

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The missing fighters are feared to be captured by Russian forces in Ukraine.

The American soldiers were training with Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv and they have been missing for over a week now.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to provoke Western Governments by sentencing two British soldiers to death already.

Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner were sentenced to execution in Luhansk last week, a Russian-occupied state of Ukraine.

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Tory Minister Robert Jenrick called the trial a “completely outrageous breach of international law.”

“Instead of that Putin’s regime has chosen to put him and another British national, Shaun Pinner, on trial on trumped-up charges, no evidence whatsoever. 

“This is, I’m afraid, a completely outrageous breach of international law and it should be condemned.”

Despite Putin claiming that Russia recognises the DPR as an independent state.

According to international law, it is part of Ukraine where the death sentence is not recognised.

Secretary Sergey Lavrov has denied claims that Russia has any involvement from Russia in the verdict handed out by Russian-backed forces in Luhansk.

Mr Lavrov said: “At the moment, the trials you mentioned are being held on the basis of the legislation of the Donetsk People’s Republic because the crimes in question were committed on the DRP’s territory.”

Mr Lavrov added: “I’d rather not hinder the operation of the judiciary and law enforcement authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

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