National Trust boss denies it is 'woke' amid claims of death threats

National Trust boss denies that the organisation has become ‘woke’ – and says she has received death threats

  • Hilary McGrady has denied the National Trust is ‘dumbing down’ or is now ‘woke’
  • She says she’s received death threats in her role as director-general of the trust
  • Ms McGrady said she wants to bring ‘nature, beauty and history to the nation’

The boss of the National Trust has denied that the organisation has become ‘woke’ and said she has received death threats.

Hilary McGrady said the charity ‘epitomises what a lot of people consider to be the halcyon days of Britain’, and ‘anything that vaguely poked at that’ was bound to upset them.

The director-general also denies the Trust is ‘dumbing down’ and turning its properties into ‘kiddies’ theme parks’.

Hilary McGrady (pictured), director general of the National Trust, says the organisation is not ‘woke’

The Trust triggered a backlash when it commissioned a report to tell the history of slavery in connection with the historic properties it manages.

McGrady said: ‘It’s such a ridiculous term, wokery. No one has yet defined what they mean by woke. 

‘I’m interested in bringing nature, beauty and history to the nation, and I don’t even know what “woke” means in that context.’

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